$20,000 profit per month

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  1. Don't you just love getting spam like this?

    Here's a little sample of an e-mail I got today.
    FREE for 30 Days

    Get advance notice on companies about to collapse on bad news and make $20,000 profit per month!

    Dear Investor:

    I call them torpedoes. You'll call them fortune-makers!

    I'm talking about stocks about to plunge on bad news. And every year, regardless of bull or bear, there are dozens of them.

    Whether it's fraud, aggressive accounting, or just declining fortunes, when the bad news hits the Street the shares blow up and sink. And with advance notice, you can make $20,000 profit per month!

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    Recently, I sent Torpedo Alerts on these former Wall Street darlings...

    Bruce Gulliver -- Ph.D. in Business Economics from Claremont Graduate School. Professional stock researcher and analyst. Creator of "Torpedo Alerts" serving elite Wall Street trading firms. Editor of Torpedo Watch, a new service for individual investors that warns about doomed stocks.

    $45,000 profit on the sinking of WorldCom!

    $54,000 profit on the plunge of Lucent!

    $55,000 profit on the collapse of Cisco!

    $82,000 profit on the death of Enron!


    I don't know about you but I think I could use advance notice on companies that are about to collapse.

    I think I found the Holy Grail & look I get to try it for free & make 20k. It doesn't get any better than this! My troubles are over!
  2. Actually it sounds interesting. Thanks for posting it.