$20,000 Coaching Session with Jai Ramoutar?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by SlickRick, Jun 12, 2003.

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  1. But, it wasn't until it was too late, that he found out SHE WAS A MAN, BABY!
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  2. nitro



    nitro :D :eek:
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  3. LOL...no.

    You guys are wacked!:D
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  4. chessman

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    Uptik is that what she/he said, that it was a big disappointment?

    I don't know if you know, but the Pfizer riser Viagra may have helped. Good luck on your next attempt.
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  5. Andre


    Jai called me within 15 minutes of getting my PM, he took his web site url off his sig without being asked, and apologized if he crossed the line. He said he had no intention to openly promote here on ET, and run afoul of our standards. Frankly, I believe him thus far... because it is hard to defend yourself in this medium and industry without sounding like you're promoting yourself.

    So now he knows. I have no doubt that we will hear from our members if they feel more posts cross the line. In the meantime, he has our rate card. ::grins::

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  6. Andre,

    Fair enough. Thank you for the update. Welcome to the ET community, Jai.
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  7. OK, Ramatour has to prove himself, so do you Uptik!

    Post month and year, or better, post a jpg (of the playmate not you)
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  8. harvey from alltech ??> !!!!! is not he in prison ?????

    LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a crock

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    Dhohhi, you raise some excellent and very intelligent questions. Let me answer all of your questions:

    1) Montvale had 4 week classes for $5K (Four Phase) and the money was rebated back on trades, and 1 week classes for $3.5K (bootcamps). I taught in Montvale and all over the world. I'm glad to hear that you weren't pushed into training by branch managers (please P/M me the locale of the branch where you traded), I would crush the grapes of any B/M that did that.

    2) The primary strategies were momentum, (LevelII, SNET and INCA fishing and fill analysis, etc) as Harvey abhorred TA, and it wasn't until I fought him and won, that it became part of the curriculum. Harvey wasn't a believer in TA. However, he couldn't argue the performance in the accounts I traded. Before the SEC Order Handling Rule of '97 was passed, 1/4's and 1/8ths were still rampant, then "teenies" and then the devastating blow to momentum....the decimals. My momentum analysis was dramatically revised, I tested the strategies with my OWN money, and then wrote the curriculum and taught it when the market was closed.

    3) The philosophies I used have evolved MANY times since 1995. Momentum primarily until '97, then a strong push on TA breakouts and breakdowns. '97 I taught and practiced ECN arb and fading (many strategies that still work today). '98 til '01 mostly TA (90%) with strong focus on failed B/Os and B/Ds and with momentum focus on buy and sell side axe behaviors with intraday candle OBV and VWAP. From '00 to '01 I developed the prop training program, and taught mostly prop traders (approx 300 traders) and select retail customers, with mostly momentum and fill analysis. DOMS and ATTN prop model was LTHV (low tolerance high velocity) prop trading guys were trading 10-100K shares of Nasdaq stocks priced anywhere from $0.75 to $2.00. TA was used for buy and sell progs only, with major focus on fill analysis. This is where my market maker experience came in. I also use as I have had since then, DJI and TYX relationships, this analysis shows high accuracy for anticipating post 3PM ET mkt reversals. By the way, I was in the PIT with them trading my MONEY, showing them that it did work.

    4) My philosophies have changed dramatically since '95, and I have personally mentored traders individually since '01. When I arrived at Pristine, while understanding the "Pristine Method", which I found out is the same as Steve Nison's "Three Black Crow" strategy, I introduced VWAP and OBV analysis on the Intraday 1 & 5 min. I taugh this analysis not only during Pristine bootcamps and Real Time Room lectures (350 users logged in everyday), but also in online seminars and CD's which they are still selling today, after I have left.

    The bottom line is: 1) My approaches are TOTALLY different from the ones I have taught 8 years ago. To survive and succeed, you must adapt, or be killed. It's always great for me to hear from traders who are STILL trading since '95. 2) I have survived and succeeded because I have adapted to the changing market, and have helped many traders do the same. I'd say 10K people from '95 to '00 and then 2k people from '00 till now. The numbers dropped because my primary focus from '01 on was trading my account and running Pristine's business.

    Hope that answered your questions, feel free to send me a P/M or an email. Always nice to here from pre 3/31/00 traders (survivors). I'm not there, so pat yourself on the back for me, I'm proud of you!!! :) You should be too!! Be well!!
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    He bought himself a 150' yacht and trades from South Beach Miami, the back of is boat says "THE SEC WON'T LET ME BE" All-Tech name is gone, but DOMS and HMSS is still running strong. When he makes it up north, we still talk and go to yard sales together. He's still trading ACTIVELY and having fun, even though he can't dress. We gotta love the guy, it was him who direct access, ECNs, and decimalization possible. LOL!! Don't bite Jack, I didn't get the shot, and I heard it's PAINFUL :(

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