$20,000 Coaching Session with Jai Ramoutar?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by SlickRick, Jun 12, 2003.

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  2. I very much doubt his ability to make 20,000 PER WEEK TRADING..

    let do the math, 52*20,000=1,040,000..

    take 2 weeks off for vacation and you still make a million dollar a


    If he can make a million bucks per year trading his own account,

    then yeah...may be he should charge 20,000 per week..

    I know a former turtle( of the Richard dennis

    fame) who made millions of dollar charge 25,000 for a seminar..

    I guess this guy is really special..

    :D :D :D
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    Well the coaching session is what it is. I will provide "real statements", either hard copy or on the Internet only after someone has expressed true interest in the program, and well before they commit any investment to their education. I am a real and successful trader, and have been so now since 1995. That mentorship is not meant for every trader, it is only meant for traders of a high net worth in education and capital, with specific needs and goals, people who have been trading for at least 3 years. Not a one-week crash course on how to trade, if you want that I'll give you a list of "snake oil" salesmen who don't know how to trade, and wouldn't have the guts to do it. I'll need to be much more specific in the description, since the program is not for everyone. I found that there are no other mentorship programs out there, where someone will come to YOU and trade THEIR ACCOUNT the whole week. After speaking with a gentleman earlier today about the program, (I suspect he is the one who started this thread) he is not eligible for the program. He simply does not have a grasp of some basic principles, so instead I gave him a reading list and a list of educators to check out. I didn't charge him for that. As I have said before, if you have any specific questions just send me an email directly, I'm one of a few traders and educators in here that will answer or entertain any questions or comments you may have.

    Trendfader - thanks for all of the great comments. You're a real classy person. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email and speak to me directly. I'd really to speak with you.

    Be well, all!
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  4. nitro



    What he said!

    nitro :cool:
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    Or he could make 5 trades and have all be losers ... or 2 winners and 3 losers ... for $20K I'd want more "guarantees" than some guy who would trade his account ... actually I'd never pay $20K for coaching/mentoring ... I would bet there are better "values" out there if one wants to find them
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  6. nitro


    I invite you into the ET Chatroom for ONE week to post your trades in realtime. The logs are saved on a daily basis and you can save them to you computer to show as a record to others. You do not have to explain your trades or answer any questions if you do not want to, just post the trades in realtime. This will be the best advertising in your life if what you say is true.

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    Hmmmmm, if he could find 1 client per week that would be over $1 MILLION per year in coaching. Who would need to trade with that kind of "supplemental" income?
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  8. nitro



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  9. i also challenge you to visit the ET chat room and post your trades for one week.

    in addition, if you wish to silence the naysayers, why not choose one or two elite members and provide your one week of coaching for free ?? first this will give you legitimacy, plus it will be awesome marketing. are you up for it ??


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  10. DHOHHI


    I wasn't "accusing" anyone of anything ... merely thinking out loud. The numbers (potential) speak for themself. I'd love to see his trades in real time. And earlier I posted that I would not pay $20K for such coaching ... just my opinion.
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