$20,000 Coaching Session with Jai Ramoutar?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by SlickRick, Jun 12, 2003.

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  1. Here's an old guy's experience....
    1. "Willing to trade his own account" means nothing unless he's making size trades... one-sies mean nothing.
    2. He's more likely to show some success in a short period of time (1 week, did you say?) than over a longer period.
    a. If he does well trading small over a short period, maybe you're hooked?
    b. If he does poorly, he loses little for trading small and you don't get hooked for $20K.

    If he's trading his own account and putting several $Million at risk, that could be substantial. Otherwise, short term performance means nothing, no matter how flashy.
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  2. I just called the office, and his answering service picked up. When I get a call back, I'll ask him for the records, I'm sure he's expecting that. I could afford to invest $20,000 to learn from someone who is making money trading. I have lost a hell of alot more than that trading in the last few months. I can't get my ass back in action, after watching the market get ripped for 3 years, I forgot how to make money now that it's coming back. :) The research I did on this guys seems to be on the ball so far. Where can I get more info on David Floyd?
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  3. tradingmarkets.com for David Floyd. His methods are solid and you can buy his book for $50 to get an idea if his trading style is in tune with your personality and what you want to do. The thing is he is not a system or mechanical trader so a lot of his trading is based on discretion and experience.. so I think its more of making sure you are in synch with his trading style to begin with.

    What research have you done about Jai. Tell me one thing that makes you willing to pay $20k?

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  4. trader99


    This is so ridiculous I can't even begin to say it. Maybe he's good. Maybe he's not. But it's just PLAIN ridiculous that for $20K and 1wk, he will somehow IMPART to you all the "SECRETS" of trading and make you a pro.

    And the thing is EVEN IF he is a pro and has an audited track record I HIGHLY DOUBT that you'll be enable to absorb and ACT on those strategies, rules, risk mgmt, money mgmt, position sizing, psychology, cutting losses, handling drawdown, riding winners, etc etc. all in 1wk. I think learning to trade is a slow gradual process. It's kinda like learning anything. Then one day you wake up and it all clicks. Or most of it clicks. Then you start to pound out steady profit.

    There's NO such thing as a crash course in trading. I think reading and studying market before you put on trade can help a lot too. That will probably push you further. You have to REFLECT, THINK, REFLECT on trades and its cause and effects,etc.

    I don't know. I you have $20K to blow away maybe I can be your mentor for $15K. I'll save you $5K. haha. I'll tell you how to daytrade and do swing trades too both stocks, bonds, options, and futures. LOL!

    But I rather not since I'm a real trader. I don't have time, the inclination, nor the willingness to give my "edge" out. And even if I told you my edge you probably MOST LIKELY will NOT be able to duplicate the results because you are not me. You don't see the same things I've seen. Or you haven't suffered and understand the same risk or when to bet big , when to bet small, when not to bet,etc. A myriads of little things that you learn OVER TIME through personal experience.

    but good luck to all who wants to throw away $20K.

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  5. imho, you can probably learn everything he has to teach you for free by fishing out the rare but outstanding professionals on this board. they are here.

    i think 20k is a better investment in your own nose-to-the-grindstone tuition than a week of watching someone else's style, no matter how good he is or isn't. (unless you're aboslutely rolling in it)
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  6. This guy is bagged and tagged. How desperate do you have to be to shell out 20k to some charlatan jerk your chain for a week?
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  7. I have a wierd feeling that slickrick is bogus.

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  8. Trajan


    This is what is aweful about this board. We get this charlatan crap. $20,000 yeah right, nobody is that dumb. There is another thread earlier where somebody got taken for 5 grand, I gave him the benefit of the doubt in a post, but this is all crap. We need better moderators.
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  10. prox


    You could buy 5 of every trading book on earth for $20k and likely learn more.
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