$20,000 Coaching Session with Jai Ramoutar?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by SlickRick, Jun 12, 2003.

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  1. "Onsite Coaching


    US $19,995.00 (Continental US Only)

    Hours: For One Week

    Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm ET

    1. Once registered you will receive a FREE one-hour consultation. During this conversation, you will be speak with Jai Ramoutar, as he assesses your knowledge in many areas, ascertains your goals, and inquires about the weaknesses you would like to tackle, and the strengths you would like to improve upon. From there, Jai Ramoutar will determine your eligibility for the program.

    2. If eligible for the program, shortly thereafter, you will be provided with the TradingScience Profile: a 100 question profile that asks questions which will become vital in assembling your "TradingScience Tactical Success Plan".

    3. Before the coaching session, you will receive via email, a pointed "TradingScience Tactical Report and Plan" This plan will prescribe measures needed to achieve greatness.

    4. During the coaching session, Jai Ramoutar will coach you in a location of your choice. You must provide broadband (cable/ DSL, T-1) access, as Jai Ramoutar will you provide you wth the theory, and then he will show you how it's applied with HIS PERSONAL ACCOUNT, an action that NO ONE HAS DARED TO OFFER OR DELIVER. Mr. Ramoutar will be escorted by his personal assistant, that will provide technical support, and perhaps film the coaching session in part or in whole. The taped coaching session may also be sold for an additional cost of $1,995. Mr. Ramoutar will You will be provided with:

    - The TradingScience Trading Stable of Stocks: a ready-made list of stocks that are compatible with your profile, risk tolerance, capital commitment and style of trading. You will be given the resources and the parameters for regenerating and updating the "stable".

    - The TradingScience Tactical Success Plan: a pointed and no-fluff plan that will prescribe: improvement and or replacement of trading strategies, capital adjustment, trading systems (quote and or trading platforms), system resources, and what education you will need, etc.

    - 12 months of email support, and 5-hours of phone support, directly from Jai Ramoutar, Jr.

    - special priced telephone coaching sessions of $100 per hour on any session thereafter, once the phone support has lapsed."

    I've heard of this guy, but $20,000? Isn't that a bit much? I can go to sit with Oliver at Pristine for 1/2 the price. But it says here, he will trade his own account in front of me. What do you think? I'm considering.
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  2. I would not even pay $5 to talk to this guy unless.. he showed me his track record.

    I want to see his trading record verified for the past few years...

    If the guy made over triple digits for the past 5 years then I would consider him a pro.... if he made triple digits the past 10 years.. then he is a super trader ... and can charge what ever he wants..

    I would want to see his actual trading account.. not some bullshit model or simulated trades, or even worse backtested models...

    If he wants $20k for his training.. I would demand to see his true performace. If he doesnt have it available or refuses then he is full of shit... and shouldnt be charging people that kind of $.

  3. jlk


    He will determine the "eligibility for the program" by seeing if your check for 20 grand has cleared first.:D
    WHITE PLAINS, NY, Dec. 5, 2001- White Plains, NY - Nov. 27, 2001 - Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc. (www.pristine.com), one of the world's largest and most sophisticated online educational services for active self-directed traders, is pleased to welcome Mr. Jai Ramoutar, Jr. as Provost of Education.

    With 13 years of experience in the securities business, Ramoutar is responsible for the management, development and expansion of Pristine's training curriculum. He is also responsible for the delivery mechanisms to meet the growing demand of Pristine's following.

    Ramoutar comes to Pristine with extensive experience in the direct access-trading portion of the market, specifically in the marketing, management, technology and structure of direct access trading education. Since 1995, Ramoutar worked for TrainToTrade.Com, one of the world's largest direct access education firms. While working as Senior Vice President, he was responsible for training operations in the US, Israel and Canada, as well as actively participating in the education of proprietary traders.

    Ramoutar spearheaded the development of TrainToTrade.Com's, online training program (the first of its kind) that delivered both live and archived streaming media-based trading education, which was unveiled at the Day Trading Expo in Oakland, CA during the fall of 1999. In January of 2000, TrainToTrade.Com was voted Forbes Magazine "The Best of the Web." Ramoutar has been subject to conventional and investigative reporting and interviews by many national and international financial newspapers, magazines, television programs and web sites. While at TrainToTrade.Com, Ramoutar enhanced and pioneered many moral and integrity-based practices that helped shape the foundation of education for self-directed traders, and has served as an expert witness in several industry arbitrations. Ramoutar is a self-taught trader, and has extensive and active trading experience as a retail customer and proprietary trader in the direct access-trading arena since 1994, and has personally taught thousands of individuals the art and sciences of direct access electronic trading.

    Prior to this, Ramoutar worked in the securities business as a retail stockbroker from 1989 through 1995. Ramoutar attended the City University of New York, where he majored in Business and Finance.
  5. Absolutely mentions nothing about his personal trading ability.... just a bunch of bullshit.

    I have the feeling he is another prick.. that makes the trading business look bad. I really despise snake oil salesmen like him.

  6. gnome


    TrendFader is right. Insist on viewing past statements and nothing less. Whether he's the real deal or a sham, you'll soon know. And if the performance isn't in the statements, accept no "explanations".
  7. Thanks, Mike. But he says here that he will trade his account, I've been looking for a coach for quite a while, and everyone that I've spoken to or checked out doesn't say squat about trading their own account (let me know if someone else does it, I'd like to check them out, URLs please). The guys at Pristine told me that Oliver won't even trade his account, and I would have to go out there to see him. This guy Ramoutar, said he would come to see me. My buddy went to Pristine for a Private Mentorship with a guy who's no longer there, and he paid $3,500 + airfare from Sao Paolo + hotel, etc, etc. He's gotta be trading pretty well to trade his account in front of me, it'd be pretty embarassing if he F'd up in front of me. I'll call him and see what he's going to do. Hell, free hour before I pay, I'll try it. Comments?
  8. If I could afford to toss a spare 20 grand his way for a coaching session, what the hell would I need a coaching session for. :D
  9. tjuggler


    Isn't this the same guy who was shilling for this "father of soes" operation?
  10. What a joke!!

    So he will trade his account for a day in front of you... Big deal!

    He could take 5 trades and have them all winners... WOW!!

    C'mon.. I want to see his verified personal trading records.. otherwise they are all full of crap.. Velez and the rest of his crew..

    David Floyd is legit.. he has his trades and records verified.

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