2 yrs. of Historical data in Tradestation

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  1. I've been hearing that Tradestation is offering only 2 years of historical data intraday. How can you develop a valid system using 2 years of historical data?

    Some have mentioned that 2 years of historical data is enough because market conditions change. Some believe couple of month is enough to create a system. I just don't understand or agree with some of these statements.

    If 2 years of historical data is enough for creating successful systems. I'd be making billions already. Creating system is super easy if 2 years of data is what I need.

    If anybody has any comments please post some opinions......

    Good Luck

  2. It can be done... trade 1 year and the edge is gone... unless you're lucky to find a robust system.
  3. You are lucky if it lasts 1 year.

  4. Even worse it is mostly bear market data. I'm beginning to think there is a vested interest for ts in not releasing the data. It would almost certianly illuminate which system vendors will not make it.
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    It is true that currently we only have intraday data available back to 2000 or 2001 (depending on the symbol), but we are currently working on an extended intraday database that will give you access to over 10 years of intraday data for equities and over 20 years of intraday data for futures. This data is currently in the beta testing stage. Please let me know if you have any other questions about our data.

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    TradeStation Technologies, Inc.
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    Some time ago I complained to the editors of Active Trader magazine about Tradestation's false advertising. Tradestation's ads have been claiming 20 years of intra-day futures data for almost a year now. Aren't there laws about lying in print like that?
  7. Okay, here are my questions. Why is the data not available now as promised? Why can't we get less data for now?
  8. Thanks Greg.

    I am more interested in knowing how system developers can create reliable systems using 2- years of data or less. I was looking through some posts in TradestationWorld that long historical data is unnecessary for creating good systems. Which is not Tradestation Securities opinion. I wanted to here the opinion of those claiming that they can create a good system with such a small data.

    Good to hear you're offering more data.

  9. 2 years of tick-tick still even unreliable...

    How many times have I seen a system that only works for the dataset of years and crap with the other out-of-sample. But this goes even with 10-20 years of datasets.

    Irony of system trading and backtesting.