2 YM daytrading Volume Questions

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  1. 1-How many "all in" "all out" (no scaling) "cars" (contracts) do you daytrade the YM with per daytrade trade? 2,5,10,20,30 etc.?

    2-How many "all in" "all out" (no scaling) "cars" (contracts) do you believe or have seen the YM can handle per daytrade trade without significant slippage (1-3 points)?...I.E...the most being 10,20,30,50 etc.?

    Thanks...this will really help me and many that would like to know the same...thanks in advance...I know that similar questions have been asked on other threads but this will put it all in one concise thread...thanks!!!!

    Reason for asking: it will help traders know the potential as they ramp up their YM trading
  2. perfect...thanks...ANYONE else?
  3. anyone as we head into a huge week next week?
  4. 1. You should only be concerned with this if your a consistently profitable trader.

    2. You are properly capitalized for trading multiple contracts.

    3. You have the proper computer setup and backups to prevent a disaster when something goes wrong...

    Something will go wrong.

    Simply, if your not ready via any of the above, your not ready to be thinking about trading via an increased position size.

  5. [snip] "Something will go wrong."

    lol yep...guaranteed.
  6. I still haven't got to the point of appreciating the ones we have no control over. UPS backup power, alternate-type of internet connection, ready to go backup computer, at least 2 sources for real-time quotes, hard copy (not electronic) of necessary phone numbers and account info within arms reach. BAM! exchange suffers technical problems; all quotations and trading is halted. BAM! the east-coast power grid shuts down. BAM! a neighborhood gas leak causes all vital services within a 3-mile radius to be shut down. BAM! A world leader was assassinated while you were in the bathroom.

  7. anyone else want to weigh in on this?
  8. cvds16


    1. Much more than you can handle
    2. Much more than you will ever be able to trade
  9. CBOhmygodwe'velockedupagainT.
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    Big AAPL

    The veterans on this site seem to be hinting at the same thing: How to prepare one self in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. As important as your question is increasenow ( I too would like to know when increased lot size starts to affect price ), I feel the most important thing to know is how to hedge in the event of an emergency. As one does increase size, it seems this question becomes even more important. Proper capitalization should be built in to any serious trader's plan.

    So, how does the average retail trader working 1 to 10 lots protect himself in the event of an emergency? I imagine that a disconnected internet could be handled by calling the broker directly and closing the position. But what about a major global event? Could an intraday trader count on his/her stops being effective when the market starts to run away in response? Also, what happens on the occasions when the exchange physically goes down? I would appreciate it if some seasoned traders could chime in on this issue and answer these questions to the best of their ability.
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