2-Week Smashola. 4th Wave?

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  1. Looks to me like this little tantrum is "4th Wave" action... that is, "last correction before the final push higher".

    Unfortunately, can't tell yet whether it's "the last one" or the "next to last one".

    Of course, the "2x top" in the Dow could be the final top from the 2009 low. (Big market tops are made on such things.) Possible, but not my preferred view ATT.

    "All to be revealed in the fullness of time"... as the late, great Ed Hart liked to say.

    Good time to be paying attention.

    KISS, Baby. As always.
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  2. Handle123


    My systems notified me past hour- but it waits additional hour before proceeding to reverse option plays, but still have long term hedging for long stock in place and short long term indexes, but be hedging open profits on those. And be buying more stocks/hedged.

    I think we have not made the Head as yet as in Head and Shoulders pattern, recent highs seem way early and too little of a move above February highs for decent monthly pattern, still believe we have long ways to go. But never can be too careful or do dumb.

    When one rogue trader hits sell button many times, they often go to jail, but what happens if few dozens of largest hedge funds start selling cause they need a way to justify lousy returns? Not say this was done, but can it be a possibility?