2 US students sue Borat

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  2. I guess personal responsibility doesn't exist anymore??

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    They got drunk and issued racist and disparaging remarks while completely aware that they were being recorded, and signed off on it.

    I would be pissed, but at myself, not Borat.
  5. I saw Borat for the first time on Leno and was funny in the forst 3 min but that smile w/ thumbs up got old really quickly. Kinda like Gilbert Gotfried type where you always think "That can't be him all the time" . Anyway can't wait to see his movie though
  6. They were pissed they only got $200 out of the deal and the film is a major hit at the box office.
  7. LOL, nothing like southerners making a fool of themselves infront of the world!

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  8. Nice one bsmeter.....Except the article got it wrong. If I remember right those guys were students at Southern Cal not South Carolina. It looks like all those racist comments came from the most liberal forward thinking people on earth, the residents of LA.

  9. They were from Southern states studying in California

    Here's more southerners being shown for who they really are. ROTFLMAO! :D

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    Well, the issue here is this:

    Somebody makes you to sign a contract and later you find out it was all bullshit. And as a result you were taking advantage of...

    How would you feel about it?
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