2 trades a day?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by mikeandy, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. mikeandy


    has anyone ever heard of this website?
  2. akeserla


    I heard of "2 girls 1 cup"
  3. mikeandy


    Wow! You are so funny. If the trading thing doesn't work out you could always be a custodian with all that humor you've got.
  4. akeserla


    take a chill pill my friend, it is friday... chill out.

    Infact, regardless of relevance threads with replies get more traction.

    Good luck
  5. I asked around. It's fine for newbies. The YM is an excellent vehicle for lower-volume traders. Their performance record indicates success, and the guru fee is among the lowest I've seen advertised. Pity it's not scalable to larger emini vehicles.
  6. PPT


    Looks like complete garbage.

    marketing crap

    trying to simplify trading it seems

    you are a moron for giving money to this site

    if you are so stupid and give money away this easily

    then go to my site

    1 trade a day and make billions dot com

    "Results" is generally for fake crap

    "Returns" is generally not for fake crap

    Show us audited account statements

    now go away
  7. Bok


    Is not enough!
  8. Success - their website claim or a longterm independent audit?

    And low price doesn't mean anything for trash.
  9. As I wrote, their website performance. I do not waste time or money on signal providers/system leasers, since if they were so good, they would not sell their own system(s) or signals to strangers.

    I have no use for gurus, so I was not recommending a cheap guru over an expensive one. I was stating fact, that other gurus charge alot more than this one, for their system.

    What other questions do you have?