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  1. Hello.
    I am 17 years old and am trying to start trading forex on a demo account. I have read about support and resistance, candlesticks, etc and i am wondering what you guys think would be the best technique to gain 2 pips (long or short) per day on the USD/EUR pair? If it makes any difference, I have a 3 pip spread on my account. I would like to gain this with minimal risk (I know forex is risky but relatively speaking)
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. gwac


    Everyday at 8am buy euros, because it always goes up
    2 points everyday at 8am.

    Read Trading in the Zone by douglas before you put 1
    penny in a real account.....Please

  3. Don't listen to gwac, he's wrong. It goes up at 9 AM. :D

  4. gwac


    Crap I got it wrong, thats why I am not making money in fx....lol

  5. Why have you come up with two pips a day? Why not three? would this be an average or would you trade until you got it...

  6. 2 Pips was just a number that I thought could be gained every day.
  7. I assume you would utilize compounding?

  8. gwac


    Before this goes any further

    You can not gain 2 points safely every day.

    There is risk in any trade......

    There is no free lunch.... Take it from someone who has
    traded fx for 20 years.....
  9. gwac...ahh come on...let it go further...we had a fellow here that could double each month..
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    I am getting disgusted at what is happening to the fx market, everybody and there uncle is opening accounts in
    fx and expects to get their share of 1.9 trillion daily volume.

    It is a big f ing scam. It takes months and maybe years of loses to make it in this market....

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