2% per day!

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Is 2% per day gain on <25k capital, possible?

  1. YES

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  2. NO

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  1. Consistently & fully substantiated. Using a small capital <25k.
    Never done before in this forum(so no, it's not just another journal... it will be a first!).

    Is it possible?
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    Please cast your vote, it will help all of us including yourself to better understand the general sentiment and the realities associated to trading.
  3. Again, it will immensely help us all, if the "YES" voters would also care to explain and share with us the reason and experience behind their vote. As in, if they have/are doing it themselves or know of persons who do and, if they find it with a low level of difficulty or next to impossible? Bearing in mind that I am aware it is a very different ball game, trading <25k in the ES arena Vs. a 250k capital and a lot less maneuverability with a >2.5mil one.

    The "NO" votes, won't need much explaining as we all been there and already know that the general rule is NO and to the contrary would be an exception and only an inexperienced naive trader who has not already gone through the school of hard knocks would think otherwise.
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    Should have just titled your thread "Turning 25K into 1.34 million by years end"
  5. Since I voted YES, here's my own explanation.
    I believe, 2% a day is the Holly Grail itself(all be it that is if it could be done consistently and over a long period of time with minimum DD and losing days with consistency and more consistency)!
    I've already done this twice in the past and each time for one month only and my challenge this time is to go to 3 months. It was not an easy job and I had lots of doubts as to my ability to repeat the performance or take it to 3 months. I also like to believe that my trading has improved a lot since then and am very optimistic to reach 3 months with a lot more ease than in the past.
    I could be pr oven wrong only if my recent performance is due the 08 effects which, I do not personally think so.
  6. I won't be compounding and, as is the norm with the major competitions the % applies to the initial capital that in my case will be 18k and if I add to it or deduct from it then % from that point on will be applied to the new balance. Hence the average % must stay within the 2% range.
    The achievement goal based on $18k IC is 360/day * 22 = 7,920 / month * 3 = $23,760 in net profits for the duration of the 3 months trial.

  7. Day 1.
    With all the problems today, I’m done for the day, Net+$366 = 2.03% (18 trades(no losers), my win per trade is usually higher but had problem adjusting to new Dome) in addition to CME outage!
    1st. day with new broker and platform….just the transition from TS to the new broker must have cost me several days AND $$$$. This is what we need to consider before marrying a broker, the cost of getting rid of them!

    Will post statement copy to substantiate the numbers.

    Have a great week end all.
  8. What a shock.
  9. With the ER2, you can have a 5K account and double it in a few weeks scalping 1 contract.

    Pretty tough with a 500K account.
  10. Do you have a problem trading ES?!

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