2 pcs, 2 isps, 1 mouse

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by punter, Jan 21, 2010.

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    you need both pcs to be connected to the same network to use something like synergy.

    is there a way to use 1 mouse to control 2 pcs (each with their own displays/not projecting the client screen onto the host), connected to 2 different isps?
  2. punter


    also, theres 4 monitors.

    3 on 1 pc
    1 on the other pc.
  3. GTS


    Two NIC's on each PC? One NIC configured for internet access (with a default route) and the other used just to talk to the other PC on a private subnet, e.g. 192.168.x.x. Never tried it with that app but it should work.
  4. If I'm reading this correctly, just use a KVM switch - only plug in the mouse and keyboard, leave the monitors directly connected to the respective PCs. Network/NICs are irrelevant.

    You use some keyboard hotkey (eg press Scroll Lock twice) to switch control from one pc to the other.

    However, you don't get the copy/paste type functionality (and you can't use the mouse to move control from one machine to the other) that you get with Synergy.
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    thanks for the advice.

    Have you ever tried this or know someone who has?
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    I use a KVM switch and rely on it daily. There are a lot of cheap slow ones. I use the Linksys and it's super fast and reliable. The slow ones can take 3 secs before you can control the other pc. The Linksys is instant. For other brands, they've lasted less than a year. Knock on wood, my current Linksys has lasted over 4 years.
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    do you use it with 2 cpus and more than 2 monitors?

    i want to know if I do what somone posted to do, which is plug in my keyboard mouse to the switch, and leave my monitors attached to my cpus, if i can still switch back and forth (basically, don't use the monitor part of the kvm)
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    I use 2 pc's and do not use it for the monitors. Each pc has its own monitor(s).
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    don't the cpu's have to be on the same network for something like this to work? i have 2 isps, one is firewalled, the other is not, so i'm not sure this would work
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