2-part question: TN or IB and streaming quote PDA

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by antique, Oct 29, 2007.

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    1) Stay with TerraNova or start new with IB? TN's commission is pricey: $9.95 for first 2,500 shares, thereafter .005/sh. However, they don't auto liquidate your positions on overnights, and they allow you to hold it for a few days. They have ocassional glitches and screen freezes at times, but seem to be far less than what I've been reading about IB as of late.

    2) What recommendations and experiences do you have with mobile devices with streaming quotes and trading platform all-in-one? IB offers trading on PDA with snapshot quotes, but I'm looking for streaming quotes. Who has tried QuoTrek by eSignal? It seems cool, however, eSignal have been garnering bad reviews, therefore don't know if I can trust them. What are some reliable ones out there? Do any work with iPhone? Open to ideas of others as well.

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    Quotrek is pretty reliable. The pricing is more reasonable than it used to be ($25) per month. I don't think IB will connect to it though. I mainly use it to keep track of the market when I go to lunch or travel.
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    I-Phone currently lacks JAVA support for streaming quotes, I use a Blackberry Curve.
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    thanks mwerbe.

    I will post more specifically on another thread: PDA
  5. I have a Sprint Mogul phone. I use it to remotely access my computer at home so I can use my trading software through the phone. My home computer handles all the processing because my Mogul isn't powerful enough to run Sterling Pro, but it shows me what is on my home desktop and I can control the software running on my home PC through my phone and see Level II quotes and everything. You might want to try this.