2 out of 3 birther suits to keep Obama off The Presidentail ballot has failed

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  1. http://www.waff.com/story/16477380/judge-dismisses-suit-to-keep-obama-off-ala-ballot

    Judge dismisses suit to keep Obama off Ala. ballot

    Posted: Jan 09, 2012 10:12 AM CST

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - A state judge has dismissed a lawsuit aimed at keeping President Barack Obama off the ballot in Alabama this year.

    Circuit Judge Helen Shores Lee ruled Monday in Birmingham against a complaint that argued Obama isn't a natural-born U.S. citizen and can't legally serve as president. The judge's ruling followed a brief hearing.

    The man who filed the suit, Albert Hendershot Jr., declined comment. His complaint contended Obama has a fake birth certificate and Social Security number. He sued state Democrats in an attempt to keep Obama off the ballot in the presidential election.

    Democratic Party attorney Barry Ragsdale successfully argued this is a political issue that shouldn't be in court.

    Party officials had said the judge needed to act quickly because the party and state election officials need to prepare for Alabama's presidential preference primary on March 13.

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    'Birther' bid to derail Obama blocked

    As state election officials yesterday rejected California lawyer Orly Taitz's argument to keep President Obama's name off the New Hampshire presidential ballot, supporters lining the hearing room in the Legislative Office Building cried out in protest.

    "Traitors!" shouted one woman. "Spineless traitors!"

    "Saying a treasonous liar can go on our ballot?" yelled State Rep. Harry Accornero, a Republican from Laconia. "You're going to have to face the citizens of Laconia. You better wear a mask."

    The spectacle before the state Ballot Law Commission began with a presentation by Taitz, who came to Concord yesterday afternoon to continue her years-long demand for proof of Obama's U.S. citizenship.

    Taitz, a dentist who was born in the Soviet Union, is running as a Republican for a seat in the California Senate and runs what she bills as the "world's leading Obama eligibility challenge website," refuses to accept the veracity of the birth certificates released by the White House in response to questions circulating through chain emails and on the internet about Obama's birth.

    The administration released Obama's birth certificate from the state of Hawaii in 2008. When that didn't satisfy the skeptics, it posted a long-form version online earlier this year.

    But Taitz insists that document is fake: The computer file is layered and could have been altered with the Adobe Illustrator program, she said.

    "A child can see this is a forgery," she told the commission. "Why are they refusing to show the public the original?"

    She also claims Obama doesn't have a valid Social Security number. Included in the 85-page packet Taitz submitted to the commission is a tax return with "a number that was never assigned to him," Taitz said. She said Obama is using a Social Security number issued in Connecticut around 1977.

    In conducting her research, Taitz said she also found several birth dates associated with Obama in a national database. And she found information that she said contradicts Obama's claim about the length of time he spent attending Columbia University, which claims the president as a 1983 graduate.

    "We have an individual where we don't know who he is," Taitz said. "We need to know that the person who is at the helm of this country, who is leading our military, whose finger is on the red button of nuclear weapons, has proper identification."

    She told the commission members they would be responsible for "the most egregious election fraud ever committed" if they didn't take Obama's name off the ballot.

    "This is bigger than Watergate. This is a hundred times bigger than Watergate," Taitz said. "Ladies and gentlemen, in your hands is national security for the United States of America."

    But the commission wasn't convinced.

    "Is there any decision, any place, by any body - adjudicatory body - to the questions you're asking?" said the chairman, Bradford Cook. "Because they've been asked a lot of places."

    "No, but -" Taitz began.

    "No," Cook said. "Thank you."
  2. Ga has a court date around the end of the month for a oily idiot tatz birther suit but my prediction is that one will fail as well
  3. Hi Jem :)
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    saying 2 out of 3 birther suits failed isnt exactly a strong talking point, that means 33% are still getting traction.

    For the record, i believe Obama was born here, and wish the birthers would drop this shit as it only helps him, but that isnt exactly a strong talking point on your part.
  5. I was just pointing out the current ones that have made there way to ET recently.Overall there has been around 80 birther lawsuits... all have failed.Maybe thats a better talking point :cool:
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Admittedly i dont pay any attention to it, so i wouldnt know, i was just saying a 33% success rate isnt exactly a positive for your side.

  7. Its not a 33 % success rate .Its a 100 % success rate as none of the 80 birther cases have succeeded with one currently undecided
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    Wow, talk about frothing at the mouth.
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    You should question their Hygiene as well.... I have found that to be a winning argument when dealing with occutards..... ;)

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    Jem's birther energies would perhaps be better applied seeking the Supreme Court to define the phrase "commie loons" which he likes to use so much.
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