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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ChiBondKing, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Howdy-

    I finally got a 2nd computer for a bloomie terminal, and I need some recommendations on a monitor stand to hold 2 17" LCD's vertically. I already have 2 horizontally, but, due to space constraints, need to hold these 2 vertically...

    priority would be for something i can drill into the desk (i.e. no "stand" that takes up desk space)...

    any ideas?

  2. ergotron makes a pole to do this. and it is the kind that you drill into the desk. i've seen this kit on ebay. you'll need to an additional vesa mount for 2 monitors.
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    Is it possible to configure your system so that it recognizes your monitors that are standing vertically? Does it depend on the monitor? I was thinking about getting some Dell 1902FPs because you can rotate them to stand vertically, but it would save me some money if I could just do that with the monitors I already have.
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  5. I needed 4 monitor stand so i bought 12" deep 30" wide bookcase and hanged it on the wall 8" above the desk to keep whole desk area accessible.
    Total $ 35.00

  6. Certainly the value route....just looks like you are fresh out of the trailer park!

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    To answer my own question, it appears that you have to have a video card that will accommodate rotation. I have a Matrox quad in one computer that allows for rotation, and an Appian dual in my second computer that doesn't seem to. On my computer, it's right click on desktop/properties/settings/advanced/multi-diplay setup.

    I have 4 monitors stretched horizontally connected to my main computer, then 2 on top of those connected to computer 2. I'm straining my neck looking at the two monitors above eye level, so I wonder if running all six side by side (rotated 90 degrees) would work better. Has anyone else done something like this?