2 mins into the game

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  1. 4th & 2.

    Giants go for it! rather than kick field goal!

    they are saying "WE OWN YOU!" :eek:
  2. manning finds a receiver!

    On the Eagles team

    touchdown, Eagles:D
  3. Giants score 2 easy points. pussys

    they will need lot help from the refs, and they're getting it! :mad:
  4. McNabb calls time out. he don't like what he sees.
  5. Tom is captured whining on sideline on national TV to the ref

    wah wah wah :p
  6. the giants team mascot punches one thru for 3 from the 33.. congrats on doing your job
  7. bronks


    McNabb needs to get his head out of his ass.

    EDIT: maybe he heard me?
  8. AKERS kicks one hellava 3 points from the 25!!

    they out of DOUBLE his salary!


    eagles up into the half
  9. bronks


    This is just a primer before the Steelers game. Hell, I'm already through 2/3 of a six pack of newcastle and it's only 9:45 AM here!. I'll be feeling no pain by the time the game starts.

    Pitt forecast:

    1. The D needs NOT to collapse in a big game.

    2. I would have R. Berger on a very short leash, keeping a good eye on residual effects from his concussion. A healthy Leftwich is 100 times better than a wobbly 'Berger.

    3. Turnovers... cliche? yes... but absolutely true.

    Pitt does those 3 things-- they win.
  10. why should you be in pain?

    the real test is are you feeling PLEASURE :D
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