2 million people at Washington, DC Tea Party 9 12 2009

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  1. that number was made up. the real number was something like 60-70 thousand.
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    I heard before it even started that between 20,000 and 250,000 would show up, if 2 million is the number I would be really surprised.
  3. its lunacy. the million man march shut the city down and it only reached about 900k. this was nothing like that. i guess if you tell a lie long enough and then make a video for utube you can rewrite history.
  4. If you believe 1 million turned up for Obama's presidential inauguration then you should also believe 2 million people at Washington, DC Tea Party 9 12 2009

  5. "After the weekend I wanted to get one of our reporters piecing through whatever meaningful data there was about crowd size at the Tea Party protest in DC. The latest is that Freedom Works has down-revised their estimate from a completely crazy 1.5 million to a 1/2 completely crazy estimate of between 600k and 800k, which nevertheless appears to be at least ten times what independent observers estimate.

    One complicating factor is that there are no official estimates. And when Eric Kleefeld called the DC Fire Department to ask about their unofficial estimate of between 60k and 70k,"
  6. They could not ignore civil rights in the 1960s. If this keeps growing, country will have the same result.
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  8. Thats bullshit.

    FreedomWorks, the main organizers of the Tea Party event in Washington this past weekend, has dramatically lowered its estimate for the size of the crowd at the event from 1.5 million, a number the group now concedes was a mistake, to between 600,000 and 800,000 people -- though this is still substantially more than the tens of thousands that most mainstream media outlets have estimated, and which FreedomWorks wholeheartedly rejects.
  9. lol. like they dont have an agenda to puff the numbers. other news media outlets are reporting much lower numbers.
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