2 major huuricanes to hit us early next week

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ghostzapper, Aug 29, 2008.

Are 2 major hurricanes hitting the us a relevant trading discussion?

  1. no, i don't think hurricanes are relevant to trading

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  2. since i'm not affetced, i really dont care

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  1. it now appears that 2 major hurricanes will hit the us early next week disrupting oil activity in the gulf.

    i'm looking at apa, dvn, wll, hes and others, all of which sold off abit yesterday, as poential plays.

    Anyone else have ideas on trading these stocks ahead of the hurricanes?
  2. i'm looking at other drillers and refiners. Does anyone else have any thoughts?
  3. you might look back at the action just after Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina

    Ivan didn't get much notice but it really tore up the gulf and we never found some of our rigs..

    Gustov looks like another Ivan
  4. gustav for sure, hannah maybe.

    i bought Tso 4 days ago for 16.75 right now its about 2$ higher i'll wait for gasoline products to spike maybe tuesday, tso whould be much higher by then as there is a hevay short position still needing to be unwound and it is trading way below even the price it would take to replace all of its assets (refineries), the same goes for alot of the refineries, fto being the other one with a small float and possibility of big upside fast. If oil spikes on tuesday i plan to buy into some airlines, today lcc (us airways) even with oil up is up which is very unsual could be a good buy very undervalued.
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    i hope none hit...