2 guards shot at KANYE WEST concert.

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  1. Two security guards were shot at a Kanye West concert in central England after a man tried to get in without a ticket, police said on Wednesday.

    The shootings occurred at the front entrance of the NEC Arena in Birmingham at about 10 p.m. on Tuesday during an altercation between the guards and a man who was refused entry to the Grammy-award winner's show, West Midlands police said.

    Detective Inspector Ian Grant said several shots, believed to have been from a handgun, had been fired.

    One of the guards was in hospital in a serious condition but the other had been discharged after treatment.

    "At this early stage, the motive for the shooting remains unclear but there appears to have been some sort of dispute about gaining entry to the concert," Grant said.

    A man and a woman have been held in connection with the incident.

    Tuesday's concert was the last in the U.S. rapper's tour of Britain. He is due to perform in Milan on Thursday.
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    Are you, uh, surprised?
  3. Not at all! I find it disturbing that these fans resort to violence over the most ridiculous reasons though.
  4. Well, that can't be, it doesn't make any sense . . . According to West, the bible should be rewritten to include him.
  5. Why don't you ask your black friends why they do that?
  6. I don't have to ask why. He wanted to get in w/out a ticket. What better way to settle the situation than popping a few caps in a guards ass, right? Can't think of a more humane response than that. Are you defending these actions or something? What seems to be the problem?
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    Fanbois everywhere, for many events, are becoming an "I'm entitled" problem. Race has nothing to do with it.