2 Great Books to read

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  1. you will probably learn alot by getting some great trading books such as Robert Dorfman's Hedge Fund Trading Secrets Revealed and Jim Cramers's Confessions of a Street Addict..both are riveting and very informative.. In all honesty I work for the publisher, but I am also a trader part timeand these books taught me alot
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  6. RE: Jim Cramer's book

    Some interesting stories in this story book. But don't expect to learn anything remotely about trading. There are plenty about how great Jim Cramer was when he managed his mutual fund.
  7. yes, cramers book is really something...best since the original Sears Catalog
  8. Cramer himself and others admit that he was a nightmare to work under. Dodging phones and chairs must have been a skill well learned in his office. There is old footage of him with longer hair staring at an IBM green phosphorus monitor circa the Movie "wall Street". He was screaming and pulling on his clown hair with both hands. What a shitty job that must have been trying to follow his commands. (just spent 3 minutes looking for it on youtube. can't find it)

    Anyway. Cramer is a stooge that should be faded. How about that call to sell at the bottom on NBC Today Show?
  9. But don't expect to learn anything remotely about trading.

    Au contraire, there is plenty to learn from his book on trading, depends on how you define trading.

    Here's a few.

    Don't get the brains of the operation pregnant.

    A lucky shirt is not always lucky.

    Don't take tips. (ie Mad Money)

    You can read thousands of 10k's and miss the boat.

    You can work for GS and not have a clue how an IPO is done. (Thestreet.com)
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    Any book with any mention of Jim Cramer is a book I would stay away from.
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