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  1. Not normally free, and way more valuable than free content on the internet, 2 books I already own (but haven't mastered, as I'm still a futures noob) have kindle versions free for a few days:

    That's a screenshot from an email, so the links don't work. :)
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    No link?

    Edit - It requires an Amazon membership with Kindle Unlimited which is not Free unless you sign up for their free trial which turns paid after X amount of time.
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  3. Wait, actually not true. Her NEW book is 19.99 for kindle or paperback (or free trial of kindle unlimited).

    But her 2 previous related books are truly free (in kindle form):

    1) www.amazon.com/Traders-First-Book-Commodities-Everything-ebook/dp/B076N6JW8P/

    2) www.amazon.com/Higher-Probability-Commodity-Trading-Comprehensive-ebook/dp/B01INZ4PL8/

    For example, note the $0.00 price on the right:
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    Crap. That's b.s. I'll delete the post if I still can...

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  4. Dude, why are you in the COMMODITY FUTURES forum?

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    Oh wow I was wrong you're right. I was confused because it says Buy Now, but the price is $0.00 and it shows the price savings of the original price. The Buy Now with 1 click got me because of all the bs you have to go through to return and the Buy now with 1 click skips the whole process and just buys an item. I never use that route normally because I like to review every order before I purchase it. My apologies.
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    El Trado

    Thanks. It worked. I got them for free without a paid Amazon account. A free Amazon account worked as well
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