2 for 1 deals in housing!

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  1. heh buy a home and get a free condo in florida!!! Wow think about it.


    looks like folks still having a difficult time getting out of these bad trades.

    At the beginning of the housing crash, sellers would advertise, "Buy our house, get the flat screen TV's!" Then, as the market deteriorated further, they touted, "Buy our house, and we'll throw in the car!" Now it's "Buy our house, get a second house too!" Such is the sad state of real estate in America today.

    whats fucked up is they were a successful Dual Income No Kids couple.

    She gets knocked up and the kid ends up retarded and now they are screwed. she had to quit to care for him then he gets laid off.

    They need to figure out how to detect autism before the kid is born so people can abort them like they do with downs kids.
  2. rwk


    >> "The property is in a gated community, but even aggressively priced properties there aren't selling. "

    Is an aggressively priced property anything like an aggressively priced stock?