2 Evils - Big Business(BB) vs Big Government(BG)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by loza, May 14, 2011.

  1. loza

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    I attack the business that is;
    1) irresponsible
    2) acts criminally
    3) act treasonous manner

    there are plenty of multinational businesses that are clean, aware and nice...
    there are plenty that would put the Italian mafia to shame.
    you as the apologist to all business would do well if you just pull you head out of your anus and breathe...

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  2. Ricter


    That's the basic idea, there is of course nothing wrong with an ethical practice of business. But I don't think the founders anticipated the power the merchant class would accumulate, becoming essentially a fourth branch of government. Can't blame the founders, in their time the abuses of monarchy, ie. hereditary power, were the chief problems to be addressed.
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  3. loza

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    Good point but this is a typical US problem (voting, lobbying DC), for example look at Germany (OR the Swiss). Both are prospering; they (the German/Swiss multi's) take it upon themselves to create jobs, keep them and hence drive prosperity to their customers, employees. They also have problems of high unemployment but even if you are unemployed you will not starve and end up on the ropes like in the USA.
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  4. elon


    Now that corporations are abusing the power isn't it time to draft a new constitution that guards against this new found evil?
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