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  1. Question for a techie? I have a dell inspiron 531 with vist home premium on it. I had 2 dual video cards so I can have 4 screens attached. It was fine for the past year. Yesterday I had a video card blow out a nvida e groforce 7300t(pci-express slot). So now I am left with on it is a nvida gf fx5200 (pci slot) and I bought a new card yesterday it is a nvidia geforce 9400t. So when I put that in my computer only recognizes that one, and when I try to get drivers for the other one the 5200 in there it says not compatible vga display or something. And when I look at device manager for displays the one thats not workin says code 43 Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) Before my bad card blew this one worked as well. So now I can get this 5200 to work or the 9400 to work but not both like I had before. So when I go into displays it just shows 2 monitors instead of the usual 4. Can anyone shed some light on this? thanks
  2. Sounds like a driver.
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    Apparently there is a compatibility problem with the mobo and those 2 cards. Suggest getting another 7300t.
  4. Thanks for the responses, I just might have to get another card that was the same, I figured I would get the new model but that didnt work, and I even found and had the computer load up to date drivers, and it said that was good to go but didnt work. I really dont want to take it to a repair shop becuase they ssaid it could take a week or more, but I will if I have too. I will keep pluggin away until I either throw my computer against the wall or jsut raise the white flag! I also had a radeon 2400 pro lying around but that didnt work either.
  5. your 5200 uses a different driver than your 9400gt card.

    vista has to use the same drivers for the video cards to function right.
  6. so would i have to get the same exact video card? becuase when i had the 5200 and the nvidia 7300 they both worked. i need to find exact video cards but one pci and one pci-e to fit the slots then?
  7. you don't have to use the same video cards.

    just the driver hsto support both video cards that you want to use.

    go to this site and click products supported.

    you will have a list of compatible cards.

    if you want i have a 6200le with dvi and vga output. i also have a fx5500 with just one vga output. pretty much unused.
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    Easiest would be to just get another 7300t. Or, you could start over and look for another pair of compatible cards that will work with your mobo.