2 Different ISP's Simultaneously On One ADSL Line?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mokwit, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. mokwit


    I have a 2.5MB local (but actually 56k or thereabouts internationally) ADSL connection. I was thinking of switching as service quality and port blocking has become too much and prevents me from downloading stock data I need to crunch.

    The point is the local loop to the ISP is (relatively) fine and has adequate capacity, the port blocking and constriction starts with the ISP's international link. SO, if I could run one ISP from one PC and one from another, could I feed them both into the SAME 2.5 MB ADSL enabled telephone line simultaneously without the signals interfering with each other? ADSL capacity should not be the issue as 2.5Mb is ample considering the data would be construicted to a fraction of this at the ISP's gateway. Remember it is one PC for one ISP (data crunching function on this one so I neeed the expanded bandwidth) and one PC for the other ISP.

    I need the extra international capacity as cuurrently I am constricted by my ISP shaping international bandwidth.

    If it is possible, what hardware/software set up do I need? 2 routers that somehow feed into one?

    I seem to remember this question has been asked before, but not sure if it was answered...............................

    PS assume sufficient PPoE compatibility and settings compatibility between the 2 ISP's that they could run on the same ADSL line, certainly as a standalone one or other.
  2. Basically no.

    ADSL uses a huge lump of the high frequency range of your telephone line ... so you'd need a second phone line for a second ADSL modem.
  3. sim03


    No. You cannot connect 2 ADSL modems on a single phone line, by design.

    In fact, this is true even if both ADSL modems are for the same ISP. One will not sync up. (Something I've verified hands-on a long time ago... inquiring minds want to know.)

    One simple, inexpensive solution - as kiwi_trader pointed out - would be to have a second phone line installed by your telco, a nominal one-time expense. Then order ADSL service from another, non-telco, ISP on that line. Once it's up and running, just cancel local phone service on that line, if you don't need it.
  4. kinar


    Having worked DSL tech support for a major internet provider, I would not recommend this.

    While it certainly is possible, many phone companies wont sell a "naked" dsl line (one with no dial tone).

    And even though we live in an internet society, many phone techs assume if a line doesn't have dialtone, it isn't in use and will disconnect it or even worse, reuse it, without ever checking.

    If I had a dollar for everytime I dealt with a customer who's DSL had been shut off mistakenly because the line didn't have Dialtone.....oh wait, I do...but it was a significant portion of my time spent in those days and they aren't quick fixes either...usually days, if not weeks to get the phone company to admit they screwed up and to get it fixed.