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  1. Hello, I have 2 computers and will run quad monitors on each. What do I need to run them both from the same mouse and keyboard? Thank you for your help.
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    I have not used it, but have heard good things about Synergy:

    Not sure about quad monitors though.
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    I have 5 PCs connected with a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) box. This has worked great for me for 15 years. The primary monitor is shared by all 5 PCs with the trading PC using the shared monitor plus 11 additional monitors connected directly to the trading PC.
  4. Thank you. Do you have any recommendations for which brand/model kvm I should get to run 2 computers with quad monitors? There are so many different ones I am not sure.
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    No, because the ones I own are about a 10 year old vintage. Mine are the Aten Masterview Pro CS-1008 and CS-1016 models. I own 2 of each model but only use one. My KVMs are of the hardware type and do not need software or drivers to be installed. How do you want to use your monitors? 4 on each PC for a total of 8 monitors, 2 on each PC, 1 on one PC and 3 on the other PC? In my case I really only what to use one monitor on 4 of my PCs and 12 on my trading PC; Therefore, I switch my primary monitor between all 5 PCs.
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    You have lots of choices on the KVM solution. I use a few of these:

    Belkin 2-port KVM switch. Like this one:


    They have many different models, depends on how you want to share the mouse/keyboard on the 2 computers. In your case I don't think you are sharing the video because you said each computer has 4 monitors. You can share only keyboard or mouse or both with or without sharing the video. Some models share the mini-din connector, some the USB connector, some with the stereo-audio cable, some with a remote (wired) control. So... pick up the model that fits your need. Price is quite reasonable. About $30 or so. I like the ones with the remote control. You can click on the button once to switch from computer A to B (and back and forth).
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    Just a thought.

    Some KVMs have the annoying 2 sec delay when toggling back and forth. It might not bother some ppl but for me, it's unbearable.
  8. Input director works perfectly for thus, no delay at all going from pc1 to pc2, no hardware required and its free, instal takes like 10 mins to sort out, it connects the mouse and keyboard via the internet connection.
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    A little old thread, I know, but...

    I use multiple computers and I use Synergy to use between them (the newest Beta version is SO EASY to set up). It works flawlessly across 3 CPU's and 6 monitors on my desk and I can say I have never been happier. My desk is cleared of the usual clutter and I like the way it integrates with various OS's w/o a problem (I use both Windows and Linux machines and there are no problems). Plus the software is free, however a little donation couldn't hurt. For anyone looking for a kvm alternative, especially since they can get rather pricey, I highly recommend this setup.

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