2 computers = 2 different charts

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  1. Exact same charting pkg on 2 different computers. Laptop is always 10 to 20 seconds behind the desktop. Desktop computer shows more "setups", due to the chart having a different "time base". IOW, the bars print differently.
    I know the solution is easy, just trade off the desktop with the more "accurate" charts.
    But, is there a way to bring the laptop up to "speed", as it were??
    I've tried synching up with all the online "clocks" (time.windows.com, etc..) on the laptop, to no avail.
  2. There are so many variables. Fresh install of OS? Synch every minute as I do with D4 hanging man? Get a fan for laptop. They run hot and a hot CPU can mess with time, at least that's what I read. How old is your laptop? Maybe it's time for a new one?

    I would also verify from the data provider that you are getting data from the same server, you should be, but who knows?
  3. Try synching the OTHER computer with online clock? Sounds like the computer time is different on each...
  4. Is your laptop wireless or hardwired to the modem? if it is wireless, you are cutting your interentet speed in half, at least.
  5. Surdo


    This is not true.
  6. Laptop and Desktop are both hardwired into the same router/modem.
    I've tried all the above.
    Not sure what else to do. It's frustrating to have this fancy laptop and not be able to use it.
    No matter what I do, it goes back to lagging anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds behind the Desktop.

    DANDXG, what's this D4 thang?
  7. Its just a clock synch program. The one I use I synch every minute, but it's only off .002 every minute. http://www.thinkman.com/dimension4/download.htm
  8. I have similar issues involving different platforms. I think it has something to do with floating point calculation on different platforms: chip, OS, home/professional etc.

    I will avoid home-computer next time, do test and trading on the same kind of platform.
  9. Is there some kind of cache or buffer which loads then plays out?... though hard to imagine it taking 10-20 seconds on anything newer than an XT.

    You sure the 2 computer clocks are not 10-20 seconds different? That seems the most likely culprit. (Don't mean to be a putz, but in your posts I get you synched the laptop with the internet clock, but I don't see where you've specifically said you've done the same with the other.. that's the only reason I mention it.)
  10. Scat, sorry if I haven't been clear, but yes, that's the problem. No matter what I do, the Laptop lags the Desktop by that amount. And it always reverts to the lag.

    Dan I tried the D4 pgrm. Hit "Synchronize" 5 times with charts up, Laptop still lags Desktop by 11 seconds.
    I'm stuck.
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