2 Click Trick - Lance Ippolito - Trading Bull Put credit spread

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who thinks it will be successful ?

  1. Will be profitable

  2. Will NOT be profitable

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  1. Hi all

    I am a beginner trader and recently purchased Lance Ippolito trading 2 Click Trick advisory service. As of Monday, the 7th of July 2020, I am going to start trading a demo account of USD 5000. The idea is to document the Profit/Losses of the trading strategy as experienced by a novice trader.

    Wish me well on my journey !
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  2. Yeah, everyone I know who bought some mysterious trading system for a few grands made millions and are living in Bahamas by now.
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  3. Reviews on this guy are very negative. Sounds like a whole lot of smoke in the wind. Why would I need to sell anything if I can be in Bahamas, with those returns??
    I started with a trading group years ago now, and tought a friend who was a painter to trade ES and NQ. He took 10,000 account to 23,900 in 2 months. It can be done, but with strict money management and discipline. He thanked me with a gaming pc and a monitor later.
    Good luck in your tests man. Will be interesting to find out what happens.
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    What are the chances both, you and OP, registered not even 2 months ago...Bitcoin scams volume coming to an end or so it seems
  5. Do you see me scamming anyone or selling anything ever??? Stupid comment
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    Mate you are posting ominous references on every newbee thread out there, you are just lvl 2 of the scam. No worries, keep on walking, as they say in germany: "every day a idiot wakes up"
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    So you paid him $3K so that you can setup a $5K demo/paper trading account?
    And you had to post his full name / the name of the product so others may buy it as well?
    Btw, here is great review of that guy/product, so that you can estimate your paper profits immediately:
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    "Lance Ippolito is the latest charlatan to emerge from the financial den of thieves known as Wealth Press. According to Lance Ippolito, he started a hedge fund and managed $250,000,000,000. Yes, that is $250 billion — at Citigroup Capital Markets. Unfortunately, the SEC has never heard of this guy. Nor has FINRA — the regulatory agency that manages the licenses of Citigroup and over hundreds of thousands of financial professionals. It all appears to be a ripe fantasy. But ripe fantasies is what Lance Ippolito apparently specializes. He claims to earn 500% per month. And he claims that you can easily earn 1200% in only 7 days. So much financial huff puffery that this is quite possibly the worst TradingSchools.Org has ever written about. Never a mention of any losses. He claims he as a “2-Click Trick” where all you need to do is “click a button” and money is automatically deposited into your account — guaranteed. His secrets are revealed with a one time annual payment of ‘just’ $3k per sucker. But hurry up because “only one seat remains.” Lance Ippolito’s boss is a financial huckster named Roger Scott. A dude that claims he is an attorney (he is not) an claims he worked in the White House (he didn’t) and he also knows a rediculous “secret” to easy wealth that is slippery and reaks of snake oil. Avoid these Florida swamp critters and their promises of “get rich quick” glory."

    may I refer OP to r/wallstreetbets ?
  9. Looking at you, I would say your face is more of an idiot than mine. At least I dont look like my dogs ass
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    I don't own a dog, but I'd say it's the other way around vlad, good luck with that scheme ;)
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