2 bucks 2 ten..add zeros as desired

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  1. I am going to turn 2 dollars into 10 dollars.

    I don't know how long it will take.

    I will be risking 12.5 of my account.

    All buys, sells, SL, TP and pyramids will b posted in advance.

    My first trade is to buy GBP/USD at 1.5167.

    Stop Loss 1.506.

    Two accounts will be used. One dollar 2 the long side, and one dollar 2 the short side.

    The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate that:

    1. Retail forex can be traded with success. The real benefit being that u cannot blow up.

    2. U need no money to start.

    3. U can make a success if u are willing to study, work hard, and practice.

    Posts that are not Gann related will be deleted and the user placed on ignore.

    Due to the proprietary nature of my methods, I cannot post trading charts, but I will post teaching charts to intelligent questions that show that the poster has done some research, but is stuck.

  2. forgot about the Journal, missed initial entry.

    L GBPUSD 1.5194
    SL 1.5106
  3. Add positions

  4. Good luck, and GREAT first call!!!
  5. Thanx
  6. Will add positions at 5286
  7. Could be interseting read; not that trade FX...

    When you ADD 5286 why would you not up s/l to BE?
  8. Good question. When a position goes negative on close of bar, all positions prior will be closed. The negative position will be allowed to run or hit it's stop.

    Of course, I will be looking to open positions in the opposite direction as well.
  9. ammo


  10. Ok I understand what you are doing in theory....so in effect if the bar goes negative you sell all earlier positions except the last and let it run to the s/l...

    In the meantime, it is conceivable that you have actually taken a short position in the "short" account at the negative bar entry and it runs as a contra trade the long exposure .
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