2 Brand New 1905FP LCD's For Sale

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  2. Dont forget to add tax.
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  3. Dell Home Sales is currently required to collect state and/or local sales tax in the following states:

    New Jersey
    New York
    North Carolina

    No tax for me :D
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  4. Comments from some ET'ers who trade with the Dell Ultrasharp 1905FP LCD monitor:

    vhehn: This could be the best value in monitors. I have a 1905fp and its awesome.

    ... i have 3 of these and love them. paid a lot more than this.

    ... yes its their best 19inch

    FuturesTrader71: ... I have a bunch of these. I highly recommend them.

    ... I usually stick with Dell because of the frequency of coupon sales and the sheer quality of the display itself. The 1905FP is unbeatable as far as value in the 19" display size. They are very sharp, bright, clear and very very clean. No heat and no eyestrain. They have also replaced a couple of displays because 1 pixel was dead. Most others won't even consider it unless 8 or more are dead...

    ... I have purchased 20 of these in the past year. By far, the best monitor for the price. It has a 3 yr warranty, DVI as well as VGA ports, built in USB hub with 4 outlets, the best and most flexible stand I have tested. One of them came with one bad pixel in the center and it was replaced by Dell the very next day...

    ... The 1905FP produces a very sharp picture even in VGA mode. The 20" is not as bright. Don't get me wrong. It is a great monitor. I just think that the 19" is a better choice.

    ... I have been trading on these for a while. I also use one of them as a small TV. I think 8 ms [on another brand] is great for gaming action, but I can't see why you would pay a premium for it to trade. I have scrolling text on my screen (T&S) and I don't notice any problem with it. I can hardly imagine that you will notice any difference for scrolling text between an 8ms monitor and the 1905FP. With DVI input and the correct image setting, the 1905FP has provided a crisp image for me.

    ... I have a Samsung 213T-Silver and it runs at a higher resolution but provides a display that appears to be exactly the same as my 1905FP for twice the price. I believe you get the most bang for your money with 19" displays right now.

    ... Two of these Dell 1905FP's will cost around $680 shipped and including taxes. This gives you 2560 x 1024 or 1280 x 2048 resolution. You won't get this in a 21" for about the same price.

    Sadak: My 1905FP monitor came in today. Now the old one looks so pale in comparison...I should have bought 2 as well.

    Farside: ... I prefer the 1905fp because of the consistent picture [over another brand with a faster response time].

    ... I almost sent mine back (1905), as they are very bright, and have a washed out appearance out of the box. I kept em' though, I found out that by turning down the gamma setting on the video card, they have a nice picture. Well worth the money!
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