2 biotech positions out of 308 biotech companies

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  1. The two positions I'm in after researching every company, of the 308 biotech companies, that sells shares for under $5.

    NUVO (3.6)

    First drug
    Partnered with Amgen
    About to complete phase 2 in December or early January
    Other drugs in the pipeline.
    Nearing a buy oportunity.
    Has an upward trend.

    VRA (.25 per share)

    Has created the best drug to treat Hepatitus C.
    This drug is natrual and better than the competition.
    3% of the world is infected with HC.
    The drug is currently being sold in Sweden and Mexico.
    The drug is being considered for sales in China and Chile and everywhere else.
    It's only a matter of time until the drug becomes the primary treatment for HC.
    The company has created, and is articulating, a novel and better way to manufacture drugs.
    If the company succeeds in this transgenic technology it will manufacture drugs for many biotech companies.
    Yet the company will become hugely successful from sales of the HC drug anyway.
    It seems to me that the company's dramatic stock price increase is going to happen in a matter of time.
  2. Why did you only look at biotechs under $5? What were you looking for in your research? You mostly mention the pipelines/products of these two companies. Just curious as to your biotech picking methodology.
  3. that's where i'd be looking...it seems to be where the current BT rally is...(just my .02)
  4. of what, in my opinion, makes for a favorable stock, or a stock that is likely to greatly increase in value.

    Nuvo meets that criteria and the list of reasons for purchasing the company are stated. All these reasons seem to create a popularity of a biotech stock. Ie XOMA had very similar circumstances and performed just as predicted. Basically these stocks meet my criteria more than others.

    How much do you know about clinical trials and so forth?

    Also, I am not a professional.
  5. I am merely observing my opinion to the readers of this thread. Ultimately, it will be a reader's research that propells him or her to purchase a stock.
  6. many of your statements are not true regarding VRA...mods may want to yank this thread...

    i got this from the VRA webpage for the interferon treatment as a therapy for HC...

    "Multiferon appears to be immunologically indistinguishable from the natural interferon produced by the human immune system which reduces the risk of the drug being rejected by the patient’s immune system by the formation of neutralizing antibodies. Moreover, Multiferon contains multiple subtypes of human natural interferon which may result in a broader spectrum of action. It is believed that each subtype employs a specific biological activity.

    Multiferon is already approved in several countries as a second-line therapy for two kinds of leukemia with broader approvals expected as in Sweden. There are very significant numbers of patients who cannot tolerate some of the adverse effects associated with recombinant interferon. It is believed that the natural product may be more beneficial.

    Multiferon may be used in combination with an anti-viral product which appears to increase the efficacy of hepatitis C therapy. "

  7. Reread what you've just posted "Mulitferon may be used." And reread what I stated above about my opinion.
  8. i think these two statements are a bit over the top..
  9. lindq


    Good luck. You've picked on the riskiest sector in the market, which is extraordinarily difficult to trade unless you are in the industry with solid connections.

    Hope you have a day job.
  10. They are subjective statements backed by good possibilty. Read all the info about the drug and then tell me they are unreasonalbe.

    Besides, don't you see potential in the company and its drug, and what about NUVO?
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