2 Bar Charlie "LIVE DEMO" Did you learn anything?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by T-REX, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. balda


    it is very simple when price between two MA's go in direction of large MA with 4 points stop loss and hold till close.
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  2. You are not wasting your time.

    The unobtrusive poll that is going on is the hits you get. Notice your work (and it is very constructive) is the most active around. you made many posts and that is very helpful to others. I think you worked through other's issues until they were solved.

    When you look at some of the superficial fault finding, you even there make an effort to lower the risk for the person to be able to with the personal problems (OT stuff) thay are displaying.

    I looked at the poll. The majority of responders who chose alternatives that were directly related to your work said they wanted to continue with real time examples.

    You aren't adversarial and the arrogant comment is often made for two main reasons. It comes from people who have agendas. And it comes out of frustration on the part of others. In either case they create you as arrogant. Believe me after 6 months of taking commentary from people who deem me as arrogant, i really got to understand how people get hung up on stuff thay haven't dealt with.
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  3. T-REX


    WOW! I never thought about that before. That helps to explain things. It has made it a little more clear. Thank you for your very observant comment.:)
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  4. Rex;
    I personally feel that you have nads of steel. Anyone who would post trades in real time, and demo a self created system for the world to see deserves "props" for that alone. Add to that the fact that your trades are winning trades. You have successfully demonstrated your knowledge and command your trading strategy. Personally I feel that all criticisim should be constructive. Most of the negative posters here have nothing to add to what you are doing, so therefore I rate their comments as such "NOTHING"...

    Keep on pulling them points...
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  5. T-REX


    WOW! WOW! WOW!
    I just might have to STOP giving "Live Demo's".

    There were "3" ...."2 Bar Charlie" -i.e. 2BC set ups today!!!!

    You had three opportunities to take long positions today!!!


    Did anybody catch this???
    I hope that I'm not the only one that caught this today??

    There were over 7,000 views and almost 500 downloads of the "2BC" system since the live demo.

    I can't believe that I gave away for "FREE" such a priceless system!!!


    :mad: :mad: :mad:
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  6. T-REX


    POSSIBLE 4TH 2BC Set-up occurring right now @ 1422.00 in NQZ3 Buy Stop-Limit!

    Use 1414.50 as Stop-Loss
    Use 1430.00 as Profit Target!


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  7. Scrutch


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  8. T-REX


    NICE 2BC Setup today in NQ
    R U Short?
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