2 Bar Charlie "LIVE DEMO" Did you learn anything?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by T-REX, Oct 15, 2003.

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    This POLL is very important. It will let me know whether or not to plan more "LIVE DEMO's" in the future. If enough people learn something and REALLY get something out of them then I will consider doing more of them in the future. IF NOT then I am simply wasting my time when I could be making money in the market.

    I enjoy giving my time to help both the struggling trader and the experienced trader to gain new insight knowledge on how to apply widely known trading concepts & principles along with some new ideas as well.

    I obviously DON'T CHARGE for my time. I do not believe in charging g people thousands of dollars on tapes, video's, and speaking engagements. (I'm not knocking those that do if that is how they make a living) I don't need to make money off subscriptions. I make my money in the markets. (However I'm not above charging for my time I just choose not to do so) This is my contribution to the profession that I love & enjoy. I just wanted an opportunity to give something back even though NOBODY was willing to teach me a DAMN THING when I got started.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    p.s. Please feel free to post your comments on the subject. Constructive criticism is welcome. RUDE & OBNOXIOUS POST WILL BE IGNORED!!!:)
  2. If you do not charge for your services, why did you feel it was necessary to have a "FREE NO RISK 30-DAY TRAIL" on your website? (misspelling was directly from your site)
    In my experience, when someone offers a free trial it generally means that they intend to charge for something.
  3. T-REX


    That was for another service that no longer applies.
    For ET users I offer "FREE" daily FORECAST services hence my T-REX Journal.
  4. So before you came to ET you 'did' believe in charging people but now you 'don't' believe in charging people anymore. What caused this sudden change in beliefs?

    PS, I am not criticizing your trading method(s). I just think that if there is any ambiguity regarding your reasons for posting every few minutes then ET members should be made aware.
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    I'm not saying that I dont believe in charging for my time. I however do not charge for my FORECAST on ET. However, I am begining to see why more professional traders don't do more "FREE" things here on ET.:(
  6. T-REX


    So far it would appear that I am wasting my time here at ET.:(

    I really believed that there were people who actually wanted to be helped but no one would offer to help them.

    So far by the looks of the poll .....I was wrong.:(

  7. kernan


    Just a suggestion, but maybe if you would tone down your arrogance and confrontational attitude, more people would be willing to listen to you.
  8. Scrutch


    Don't let the guys hiding in the woods get to you... I for one thought that what you presented was a great contribution in an environment that very little useful information is freely given. Combining a larger time frame with a smaller time frame is not really new but for some reason it seems to confuse a great deal of people. It's kind of like trying to explain to your Uncle at the dinner table about going short. "How the hell can you sell something that you don't have?" If they don't get it right off then probably they never will.

    Nicely Done,
  9. doug456


    T-rex, i just ignore the people who are against you. as a new trader, i welcome you knowledge, i made money yesterday using you system. and obviously would like to see more demos. like anything you there's going to be people who are with you and peopel who are against you. you proved youself to me, and i'll use it, i am a little confused about the scalping method you can use with it, but i think i might be able to figure it out.
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    Hello kernan. I think that I remember you?
    Have we not "had it out" before?

    You currently are not on my "ignore" list so lets talk.

    R U saying that YOU believe that I'm Arrogant?

    If so please give me a demonstration of this that is not one sided or leaves out the "entire" situation behind the text.

    Do not take anything out of context in your example please.
    I truly would like to know why you consider me to be arrogant?

    Personally, I don't believe that I have anything to be arrogant about. When I first started my T-REX Journal my 1st 2 weeks were tough. Since then I have not had a losing day or week. Now I say that is GREAT! Not arrogant. I could very well lose the next 200 trades in a row. would that make me arrogant too. Or is my mere existance annoying to some here at ET who are perpetual losers?

    Please advise.:)
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