2 b per month volume

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  1. Hi,

    I am negotiating many brokers ( reputable retail ECN and Currenex ones) to get the cheapest cost of transaction.

    My volume : 1-2 billion per month
    95% of my trades executed via pending orders.

    If any knows how and where i should go, plz share


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  4. LMAX saying 16/mil. I think it is still too expensive .. Their basic is 25

    Also, their spread is 0.3 pip average.
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    what are your avg monthly commissions,you alone or you and another your size could open your own clearing firm and just pay exchange fees
  7. I understand my proposed volume is very unusual and could be seen easily as a very stupid.

    Of course, i will not start this volume from first day, i will start relatively small , like 50m/month and i will increase the volume if things go fine

    You are damn right that if someone could play with such volume , he could play directly with big brothers.

    I am looking for the best niche to start from/with.

    So, now i will reformat my question, if my deposit will start about 50k and my monthly volume will be 50m, what is the best brokerage to start with.?

    I wish to have specific answers please.


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    i don't trade forex so can't answer that question
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