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    Just2trade's structures looks like LowTrades/bptrades/Successtrades'. Search for Success Trades to get more information. According to the web-site, they are offering Bracket orders, trailing stops, API, etc. that Sogoinvest or Zecco does not even plan to offer. Their margin rates seem to be very competitive as they claim to match any broker's margin rate. I did not like the extra fee for the extended hour trading.
  3. Any idea what the minimmum investment to open an account is?
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    web-site says $2500, or for $2.00 per trade $50000
  5. thanks for the reply
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    who is results for just2trade.com = same as success trade

    you can view both here http://fasterwhois.com
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    Is this the most cheappist comission broker?
    How about their support response speed?
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    Hi amm,

    I remember you as the Russian lady.

    The cheapest broker depends on what you intend to trade ... if stocks then it depends on how many shares per trade you intend to average.

    My first suggestion is to stay away from smaller firms.

    If you intend to trade retail from Russia i would limit my choices to Ameritrade or Interactive Brokers.

    I recall your prop questions to Don Bright. If you can move to Las Vegas and study under Don for a few months you should consider it. It's a great place to live and Don will give you a fair shake.

    I don't use any of the 3 brokers i recommended but the one i use will not work for you in Russia.

    Sincere wishes for a good life
    and ALWAYS good trades,

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    you may well know about it already since you are in Russia, but I'm told (i don't read russian) that http://dom.bankir.ru/ is a popular forum on stocks, investments and banking.

    Hope it helps
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    My first suggestion is to stay away from smaller firms.
    why do you think so?
    USA government have guarantee of SIPC
    if the broker bankrupt.
    So big or small is not important?
    I trade mostly very low priced stock ,example $1 for 100,000shares.
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