2.4Ghz Celeron laptop enough power?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by listedguru, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. I am thinking of adding a laptop to handle my messenger stuff, internet, e-mail, etc and was wondering if a 2.4 Ghz Celeron processor in a laptop is enough horsepower?

    What if I wanted to take this laptop on vacation and maybe make a few trades from the hotel? Would it do the trick? I don't have any experience with Celeron's as I've only used Pentiums...

    Any info would be great,

  2. Unless you want to be crunching BIGASS numbers or hope to find yourself playing that newest computer game, a celeron 2.4ghz is FAR enough for the standard applications.

    An Intel Centrino is more power effective tho.

  3. Anyone know of some great deals on laptops?

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    more than enough power
  5. way more than enough, should be no problem, don't clutter up the hard drive and keep the ram above 300, and you'll be flying.
  6. yeah, i'll sell you an old one i have for $900. 500 speed, 256 ram, and 6 gig hard drive, compaq presario, great deal, take my word for it.
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    is it possible to add 2 extra monitors to a laptop? and if so, would you need to have a powerful laptop to run the 3 monitors? thanks for the repsonses
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    There is a Sony model with dual monitor support + external TV... The TV one probably just shows what one of the others is showing.
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