2.3 trillion stolen from Pentagon 9/10/2001

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    what happened to that thread on ET?
    It was censored or what? Is it to hot to publicly debate about 2.3 trillion usd missing which was announced a day before 9/11 - of course these two events are not connected in any way ;-)
  2. This confirms that the FBI is closely monitoring ET. Be verrrry careful with what you say.
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    Anybody check Area 51 yet?
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    are you kidding? they admit they cannot ACCOUNT for 25% of what pentagon spends, which simply means the money is GONE.

    "We know it's gone. But we don't know what they spent it on," said Jim Minnery, Defense Finance and Accounting Service.



    are you one of those folks who is fully convinced that there's no corruption in the government and military and these people actually love you and care for you?


    Wow thats crazy so just like that it is gone?


    I believe these people are responible.

    I believe the Federal Reserve is the largest Scam Enterprise,
    to exist here in the United States.
  7. Uhh.. you mean that's REALZ?! OMGz no way!
  8. There has not been an audit of Fort Knox in fifty years either.
  9. They know what they spent it on, they just can't tell you.

    It was used to fund things like illegal prisons, malitia uprisings and the bribing of small governments.
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