2/27/08 - YOU tell us if this is a bullish snapshot in time

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  1. This is a hybrid of Bloomberg and AP articles from TODAY only.

    What do you think? Relevant or not?

    Confidence inspiring?

    * Japan's Production Falls Twice as Much as Expected as U.S. Slump Deepens

    * Bernanke Signals Fed Is Ready to Lower Rates Even as Inflation Accelerates

    * Dollar Falls to Record Low of $1.51 per Euro on Fed Rate-Reduction Outlook

    * Japanese Stocks Fall After Yen Strengthens Against Dollar; Toyota Declines

    * A Highflier Loses Altitude as Google’s Clicks Go Flat

    * Nortel Posts Loss and Plans More Job Cuts

    * Citigroup Taps Old Lane's Leach as Chief Risk Officer, Replacing Bermudez

    * Australian Dollar Rises to Highest Since 1984 on Rate Advantage Over U.S.

    * Sri Lanka's Inflation Probably Slowed to 19.5% as Consumer Spending Cooled

    * Americans Plan to Save, Not Spend Economic-Stimulus Rebates, Survey Shows

    * Daimler: Chrysler lost $2.7B in August and September - 4:47 pm

    * Bernanke's `Brilliant' Fed Vision Evokes Investor Jeers Amid Credit Crisis

    * Lou Jiwei Suffers Blackstone's `Fat Rabbits' in $200 Billion Chinese Fund

    * Exxon Valdez Oil-Spill Dispute Reaches U.S. Supreme Court After 19 Years

    * Liechtensteiners Under Siege Cling to Bank Secrecy to Out-Swiss the Swiss

    * Canadian Banks May Report First Profit Drop in Six Years After Writedown

    * Honda to shift motorcycle production to Japan from U.S. - 12:26 pm

    * Fed chief signals rate cut to help wobbly economy - 12:37 pm

    * Ford recalls Mustangs for airbag fix - 12:47 pm

    * January new home sales slip to lowest pace in more than 12 years - 12:47 pm

    * Dollar sags to new lows against euro - 9:42 am

    * Durable goods orders plunge in January - 8:52 am

    * Wall Street swings positive after Fed remarks - 11:10 am

    * EU fines Microsoft record 899 million euro - 8:32 am

    * Britain hit by 5.3-magnitude earthquake - 12:37 pm

    * Report: Magna International fourth-quarter profit falls - 1:42 pm

    * BMW to cut 5,600 jobs - 8:04 am

    * Report: Nine consumer products companies suspected of price-fixing in France - 1:02 pm

    * Oil spikes above $102 a barrel - 12:57 pm

    * Fed chief hints at more rate cuts despite inflation fears - 12:42 pm
  2. Doesn't sound bullish, but that won't stop the market from going up if it wants to!
  3. There is no doubt we are going up. It's just a question whether we die at 1420 or poke through 1500.
  4. balda


    If dollar keeps on falling there will not be a rate cut.

    I do not think market will like it.
  5. It's the 1970' again. A recessionary economy, rising prices and a weak dollar. Ying and yang. Some good-mostly bad. Could stocks improve/maybe even new highs? Yep. Could they tank another 20%. Yep. Probably do both.
  6. Great example of why I don't have a news feed. What do you pay attention to and what do you ignore? The only thing a news feed is good for is when there is severe market moving news and that shows up in the charts anyway so you'll know it when it happens. If you're already in and it moves against you there ain't nothing you can do about it either way. And if you try and chase a news story you'll probably be late and buy/sell the top/bottom. But hey, if it works for you......
  7. Have no idea. I can't gage the market. I have been lucky so far in making profits, but I really can not "feel" the direction.

    Oil is going a lot higher, there may be a pull back, but oil will rally another 50 points sooner or later.

    Gas will be around 4 bucks all summer, so what does this do to the "Sheepole'?

    The Jim Jones cult is back, with OBAMA HUSSIAN or should I say JFK Clone?

    There is nothing but bad news across the globe and we could not sell.

    IMHO, I think we are set up for a serious rally.

    Once I see us get closer to the highes of 14000, I might start talking "Crash".

    But at this point, who knows?

    The market is like OBAMA.....talks hope and future but you have no idea what "it" truly is thinking.
  8. LT701


    know what i think?

    i think a bear market unfolds in technical terms

    and that it's not going to finish a bounce off a 50 month average until it hits something notable as resistence. the most obvious being the 20 month ma, where the slide really took off in the first place, but it could be something like 50 day ma, etc

    i think we cant have a slide to lower lows until that's occurred

    (i'm talking about $spx)

    all the other stuff?

    bla bla bla

    could this be wrong? of course it could. but it's my best guess
  9. That is why I trade off of technicals.
    You only have to watch price and how it relates to "other" price levels.

    The (fundamentals) of the news that you have just listed is far too great of a challenge to filter through and figure out what is relevant to the market, and what is not; or, how the market reacts to such news.

    I'm not that good of a trader for that.
  10. I would not marry a side, especially with so much conviction.

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