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    today is a wild/difficult day to trade... anyone else having a rough time and or sitting on the side lines???
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    36 views, and not one opinion or comment... lol... that is too funny...
  3. had a nice break on consumer confidence, retraced back to where it was released and sold into it....

    dg....If you paid closer attention to the market and less to views on a thread you might not find it so difficult
  4. Not so bad if you shorted. Unfortunately, I'm in a long position right now :(
  5. I can't believe how little we moved on such a horrible consumer confidence number. I did not expect it to meet expectations but it was way way off. Five months ago that would have been a huge payday number for me but today not so much. That is why I guess you have to see what the reaction to the number is and not get stubborn on where you think it should go. Also I have had a lot of crap fill dished out today and no almost no price improvement.
  6. All depends on what stock you were trading. Unfortunately I was not in the right ones for the number.
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    i am not trading anymore today... i made my money, so now i am reading and surfing the net... no point in taking uncessarry risk... and obviously 58 other ppl have just as much time on their hands as me... including yourself since you had time to post...
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    i am long now, and like i said earlier just sitting in my positions.. not taking on any new risk/positions..
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    That's one advantage of trading futures.

  10. first you say its difficult today
    second you say youve made your money???
    third you say your done trading?
    forth you say youve caught the move up

    give us a break dude
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