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    Is anyone really expecting a rate cut???

    Dow rallied yesterday on anticipation of a rate cut, when 2:15 comes and the Federal reserve doesnt cut rates expect a triple digit loss, however if his wording is perfect and everything is fine in subprime mortgage land and housing seems to be bottoming in his view the may take the dow to 13500+ today, get ready because its going to get extremely volatile by 2:16pm.
  2. Why would Fed cut the rate when it's already low? If they going to do anything, they have to raise it to combat inflation. If you have do shopping lately, maybe now it's the time. Price has increased a lot over the past few months, especially in food.

    Of course, as the big Ben has said, it doesn't bother him.
  3. S2007S, you couldn't use one of the two previous threads already on this topic?

    It's difficult tracking good threads because new ones like this keep popping up to discuss the exact same topic.
  4. The mkt rallied yesterday becuase they anticipate a rate cut today? Not according to the fed futures. 0% anticpipate a rate cut. Out to November it looks a little more promising, but it ain't happening today. I would call yesterday short covering. It was the classic dead cat bounce, right up to old support, which now of course is resistance. We shall see what happens today, but I wouldn't expect fireworks either way. We need to retest the lows of friday, if that holds a short term bounce would be expected. No new highs in the immediate future imo though.
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    have you considered counseling Ivanovitch?

    other people's choice of threads really doesnt affect you as much as you think
  6. I know it sounds like a constant gripe. It's just that all these threads begin to spam up the forum and it's difficult to find the threads that actually offer something.

    There really is no need to create yet another thread on the same topic when you can simply add to the current ones that cover the same ground. That is, unless the original poster is simply trying to get attention.

    And yes, I considered counseling long ago. It didn't pay enough, but works wonders on my daughter.
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    yes, it DOES seem like a constant gripe, and that seems to be the only thing i ever see you 'contribute' to a thread
  8. So now you're griping about me griping. Well done!

    As for the only thing I ever contribute, it's not my fault if you have poor eyesight in addition to your poor spelling. (editing "counseling" after I showed you how to spell it was a smooth move!)
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    you're weird
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    market desparate for a hit off the fed's crack pipe

    a credit junkie economy
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