$2,000 to obtain a barber's license

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  1. Connecticut is starting to make some concessions. The education requirement for a barber's license was recently reduced from 1,500 hours to 1,000 hours, and the department of public health is working on a separate course just for barbers that would spare them from having to master hairdressing and cosmetology, too.

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    On the most elementary level, is all this necessary?

    This is symptomatic of trying to do business in the US.

    The difference between a good hair cut and a bad haircut is about one week.
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    it is symptomatic and it's everywhere..just ask your mechanic,if he doing inspections. royal pain in a** for them. gvt employees come,check every records,check consistency of the records match records of your car..it's crazy..
    well the taxes are great example of where we are heading..use to be 600 pages-now over 70000 and getting more complicated every single year. who in his right mind would do any small business here? it's DOA. recovery? prosperity? freedom? forgetaboutit
  3. In some states you need a license to be a flower arranger. All in the name of protecting the public.
  4. This is a good example of big corporation creating bureaucracy for small business, with the government, which they control, as intermediary.

    This is true capitalism.

  5. Your comment is partially true. The primary cause is the Walmartization of American Democracy where Billionaires use their corporations as fronts to control politicians and make law that impoverish their employees. The core problem is the political process itself. To win Primaries the candidate has to pander either to the extreme left wing nuts, or pander to the extreme right wing nuts. Then add in the enormous cost of campaigning, since the average wing nut is also a broke ass wing nut, the extremist candidate has to get money from somewhere, ie tow to the Billionaires with their agendas. So what we end up with are extremists bought and paid for by the Billionaires polarizing the country and using any pretext to push the people more into legal serfdom.
  6. hey nutmeg, or anyone else, do you actually know anything about cosmetology or the rules around it?? just curious because I have a few questions about it for someone that's in a sticky situation.
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  8. Politicians do what works - it is voter behavior that enables this.
  9. “Politics is the art by which politicians get campaign funds from the rich and votes from the poor on the pretext of protecting each from the other.” -- Oscar Ameringer
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    I've had my hair cut by a rogue barber. It ain't pretty.
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