$1T Stimulus Watch

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  1. Plans are being circulated for the congress to spend $1T in the next few weeks, yet no details have been released. I'm very interested to see what is being planned because a trillion is a shit load of money.

    My major complaints are bailouts for states and cities. California and New York deserve exactly what's coming to them. I do not want a bailout just when the years of fiscal mismanagement come home to roost. Obama says the stimulus will be for infrastructure projects. If there is a legitimate need for an transportation project that was deemed to be too expensive before, but would greatly benefit a lot of people. Then the stimulus would have my full support. But if a cent of the stimulus goes toward state operating budgets so they can afford to pay their poorly written union contracts which have already bankrupted the state, then I believe that to be a major slap in the face to any state which exercised fiscal restraint. We no longer live in a capitalistic democracy, so the voice of the people are no longer a concern to the ruling bureaucrats. But it's still important to watch what's being planned, so we can realize the extent we're about to get screwed. Maybe Obama turns out to be the real deal, and the entire $1 stimulus goes to nation building...

    Time will tell.
  2. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK ........that any stimulus money at all will be well spent,,,,,,,take a look at TARP...........
  3. Like many here I don't know anything about the stimulus, hence the creation of this thread.
  4. Obama the "real deal" LOL!

    Firstly, the legislative branch of government determines how these funds are "distributed".
    Reminder: "Distribution" is not "usage". Need any examples?

    Secondly, YOU need to think of the "unintended consequences" of "usage". For example, an easy one: A lot of infrastructure building/repair is mindless and menial hard labor, which in recent past has been undertaken (to large extent) by illegal aliens. Unless labor law is enforced, at least in regards to "stimulus" funds, the only stimulus will be for illegal immigrant homelands. Enforcing labor law, hmmm. I wonder if there is a way to float by the American public the validity of allowing illegal immigrants to be union members? hmmm. Would this assist the passing of the Employee Free Choice Act? After all, the unions made the record-breaking Presidential campaign spending possible.

    Trust ME, obama-lama: President (Elect) Obama is no more the real-deal than GW was the winner of popular vote in 2000.
  5. This is not a political thread! All I want to know is the details relating to (what,where,when) the trillion.
  6. (what,where,when) the trillion is not political?? LOL! In the future, please engage brain before posting!