1st Trading Profit

Discussion in 'Trading' started by drobin, May 30, 2005.

  1. drobin


    Do you remember your first trading profit? What was the security and the realized gain? :cool:
  2. MTE


    Long NEM, closed for a 3.9% gain the next day. Coincidentally, that was my first trade ever - beginner's luck.:D
  3. j1900q


    Bought sunshine mining in 1982, made about 7%.
  4. Sashe


    TRF in 1996 (Templeton Russian Fund). Bought in a day at 19.50 before russian election as a "sure" thing (everyone knew Yeltsin would win). Out next day @26.50after Yeltsin victory announced . First trade in my life. 100 shares.
  5. rwk


    -- Soybean meal in early 1970. It ticked higher for several days then fell sharply on a report. I closed the trade for a gain of about $115, which was less than half the max open trade profit. I was a full time student, and it seems like pretty easy money, better than honest work any day.
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  8. My first trade was shorting 5 ES contacts. I was up 3 points per contract, decided to buy and cover, and somehow screwed up the order. I ended up winning on the trade, but somehow Trade Station's arcane order entry system (at the time....broswer based) screwed me up.

    Kind of funny how I thought every trade was going to be a winner back then. Unrealistic expectations. Now I am much more realistic, I expect to win on nearly every single one of my trades, just not every single one.

  9. maxpi


    Litton was being sued by the Navy over problems at their shipbuilding yard, their stock was $6 and they had enough cash to pay off all their debt and expand their whole operation 30%. I bought all the way up to $13 and eventually got a personal loan against the stock at the $30 level and used it to start an electronics business that went belly up in almost no time. The guy with the stocks for collateral sold at the $50 level.
  10. my first trade was intc and it netted $40 :) that one however i had no idea what i was doing... i just bought a chip stock and it happened to go up.

    my first real trade where i actually had a plan going in was hgmcy, and i forgot how much i netted but it was the first time when the market did what i thought it would do.
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