1st ever quadruple witching

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qdz, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. qdz


    Tomorrow. Enjoy and good luck.

  2. shouldnt be to much different that triple witch days....the SSF donthave much volume yet...but i guess well see!!!!
  3. prox


    chop chop
  4. Rebalancings were commonly mentioned in the past so with SSFs I count 5!

    Hmmmh. I dont even know if quintuple is 5. Never was much at math.

  5. You said it, prox. Wake me up when something happpens. Zzzzz
  6. all the more reason not to trade on those days.
  7. cheeks


    Unfortunately, the SSF's are not much of a factor.:(
  8. qdz2


    Tomorrow, the 2nd quadruple witching ever at this interesting patriotic time. Enjoy.

  9. Who cares?
  10. qdz2


    What do you mean? I am kindly reminding you. You should at least express some degree of appreciation. After all we are all patriots in this extraordinary rally. It would be nice to see how it plays out on the 2nd quadruple witching day ever.


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