1Reason buys WCG

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Robert Weinstein, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. I been fading the move down in WCG today under 7 per share.

    pretty much a dog but appears to be a good risk vs reward with it being beat down even more than some of the others (hard to believe I know)

    I like WCG below 7 and would not look to get more than 9 as a profit target.
  2. Way too risky of a play right now
  3. in default of its credit facility.

    Any company with major BK or financing risk can go below $1 in a heartbeat.

    Wouln't fade you 1R, but this is way too risky for me.
  4. yes very risky indeed. signal was triggered at 6.25 so it appears the best time to get in is over.

    Your handle reminded me of my buy yesterday. PLD. did very well with that one.

    Mostly been shorting CBL and that has worked out well also.
  5. PLD was really oversold, but could go either way long-term. CBL is a major BK risk and one I would trade only from the short side. Have seen many great trading opportunities in REITs, but you have to be nimble or you can get your face ripped off. But seems you're right on top of it.
  6. Now flat and it worked out well. Would have been better had I not made an error in size getting out due to having more than one DOM open at a time.

    I guess I better try getting some sleep tonight and leave the HSI and SPI alone.