1PC4monitor or 4PC4monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kelly55, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. kelly55


    Which is better to do stock daytrading, 1PC with 4monitor or 4PC with 4 monitor?
  2. 4PC with 4 monitors, for sure. That's 16 monitors! (Oh, but you probably meant 1 monitor per PC x 4.... 1 PC with 4 monitors is usually plenty and easy to do... especially if your mobo does not have "onboard video".)
  3. Tums


    how about 2pc with 2 monitors each?

    multiple pc issues:
    1. software license -- you will need to buy a license for each computer
    2. multiple keyboard/mouse -- You can use a switch, it is an extra key stroke, or a push of a button. (milliseconds counts!)
    3. space for the computer -- where do you put 4 computers? and all the cables !!!

    2nd pc gives you the peace of mind that if one fails, you still have a back up.
  4. syrre


    2pc4monitor :)
  5. Agree,

    2 x Dual Monitors. One for real time analysis software, One for trading and watching news/websites/anyother BS...