1k to 2k eurusd scalp

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  1. mm19


    100 $ risk per trade.

    1 or so trade per day. Trying to get balance to 2k. Experiment ends if I lose all of it = 1k.

    trade 1

    sell eurusd 1.2950, stop 1.2960. Exit $+27.

    New balance 1027, new bet size 103.
  2. so a 10% draw down per trade.

    how fast can you do 10 round trips.


  3. mm19


    never was 10 risks down from top. have brakes after 3 risk down from top.

    longer term one started friday averaging in as it moves my direction.
    Loaded around 0.3 risk so far. EUAD sell on multiweek trendline break.
  4. mm19


    i booked modest coin on this one. AUD is strong and will reach new highs. Chinese like us :) Sooo much space.. You can grow big body.

    looking for partity++ against eur.

    my trades along above ideas. I am sick playing really short time. too much time wasted for too litle to show.
  5. mm19


    another trade buying on monday, got in at low in risk assets. not big distance but still managed to push swing account up 12%. Exit not bad.

    June turned nicely, up total 20% with 2 trades. Have feel my system will spring to life in second half. First one was more about avoiding losses.

    btw, eur scalping down $231 :eek:

    YTD 22%, next 2 swing trades will increase size for 65%. See if it can sustain itself. Exciting stuff !
  6. mm19


    eurgbp monthly chart gbp is weak.

    started loking for longterm trade shorting GBP. averaging in. structural issues there that cant be resolved.

    plan to load meaningfull longterm short GBP position against many currencies.
  7. mm19


    gbpchf monthly seem ready for a flush. at resistance @ 1.50.

    1.0000 seem good target.

    Will allocate 5% of my trading account to load shortterm positions that will let run all the way to1.

    first trade on monday. swap is small issue at this point. Small stops. sell only below 1.5.

    for risking $100 on 100 pt stop, looking at 5k (minus swap) each bet.

    :D :D
  8. mm19


    up 30 pc or so this year. mix of entertainment trades (with peanuts size and real ones.
  9. mm19


    i submitted request to join swinging dick club. Answers was there is still couple of hurdles i have to clear.

  10. mm19


    noted strength of aud.

    also noted relative jumpiness of eucf. market recognising inevitable.

    printing on the way. there is no other viable option, really. eu still spends more than earns. there will be some 'austerity' but another 40 % down seem realistic.
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