1GB vs 2 GB RAM

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by risk1, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. gnome


    1. Get 2GB only if your apps actually use it. Otherwise, 1GB is plenty. Your Task Manager will tell you for sure.

    2. No advantage in Win2000... in fact, some disadvantages.

    3. Celeron wouldn't kill you, but with the multi-core era just beginning, why bother with Celeron?

    4. Number of monitors isn't a concern, but number of Java apps might be. Java is a memory hog... probably a resource hog, too.
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  2. I updated from 1 gig to 3 gig for my XP box, and it makes no improvement. So just stick to 1 gigs.
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  3. Bob111


    celerons are good and cheap these days.
    you go with something like this-


    and it almost good as P4.
    i bought couple similar to this one, above and very happy with it.

    not sure about how more RAM can slow down your computer. check this out-
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  4. Bob111


    it all depends on what you are doing with your PC. if you are
    buying top of the line dual core intel with 6 gb memory to keep couple charts open-you will not notice any difference between your new computer and old P3 :D
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  5. DannoXYZ


    On the other hand, if you regularly edit HD-video or poster-sized Photoshop files, then 3gb would make a difference over 1gb. It really does come down to your intended usage. For trading software, a P3-1ghz w/512mb is really all you need. :)
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  6. Tums


    that's not correct. Don't just read whatever people write with hearsay.
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  7. Tums


    why did you upgrade?
    did you check your Task Manager? was it because you were running out of memory?

    if you operation runs fine with 1 GB, then an additional 100 GB will not make any difference.

    if you upgraded before checking your Task Manager, then it is not too late to check your wallet now, it is thinner.
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  8. Tums


    that's a generalization.

    some people trade with minimal software. e.g. a mid-term/swing options trader, then minimal equipment would do.

    while others (e.g daytrader) trade with multiple chart windows, chat rooms, multiple broker accounts... they will need more memory than 512 MB.

    the easiest way to find out is to check your Task Manager.
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  9. Tums


    have you checked to see if your box can address the memory above 2 GB ?
    not all boxes can.
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  10. I only have 256ram
    Here how I look with all trading aps..
    Commit Charge
    Total 342720
    Limit 619064
    Peak 354480

    Is it a bad thing to be over your ram ammount?
    Computer seems to run fine hmm.

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