1999 Was the year when events occured that..

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  1. started the progress to the mess we are in now.

    Start => Bill Clinton moral digressions.

    1) Repeal of Glass Stegall

    2) Goldman Sachs IPO

    3) Fear of Y2k leads Fed to cut rates unessicarily

    4) Internet hype is rockin

    5) People can buy stcoks on line

    6) Stock market bubble...2001....

    7) Correction

    8) Bush election

    9) 9/11

    it kept a flowin.....

    link the chain....figure how we got to where we are now..
  2. You dumb fucker! This shit started with the clown on the right in this picture. Reaganomics has morphed into McCainonmics. A fun place where the rich get richer at the expense of the poor and middle classes of the United States. Deregulate Wall Street and let them lie, cheat and steal their way to excess. Doesn't matter because if they fuck up we always have the American taxpayer to bail their asses out, all in the name of "saving the economy". You fucking right-wing cocksuckers make me want to puke!!
  3. Quoting and or listening to partisan left wing kikes will get you no where in life. Just the fact that the name Robert Rubin doesn't appear in the article should set off your crap detector. Of course given that Harold Meyerson is partnered with Robert Reich would tell anyone who isn't a dumb fuck (that's not you) that the author has an axe to grind.
  4. Sounds like the biggest thing you've had to "puke" is an under water long position. Such a pity........
  5. Phil Gramm should be the next POS that America should be talking about. This douche bag has more direct connection to the current economic crisis than anyone. All in the name of greed at the expense of America! I will celebrate his death!

  6. HAHAHA! Mr. 141 IQ. And I thought you were smart! HAHAHA!
    Retirement accounts have been safe and sound for 10 months. If you didn't see this shit coming you might wanna take that IQ test again! HAHAHA!
  7. Posted on October 19, 2007. I covered by the way on MLK day in January. I've only made a dozen or so trades in ES since.


  8. Good job.

    Dumbass. :D

  9. Pabst, I am putting peices together to learn, like many people are. I try to research and read, so to me left or right reading is all ok. I am no expert on politic history (and you are not so dumb to not see that about me) so tell me how Robert Rubin is involved with commodoties futures modernization act. (And be polite:) ) I am willing to hear.
    I know Robert Rubin was advisor to Clinton at one time, treasury secretary? So please explain to me.
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